24 April 2009

Looking from the inside out

The significance of the flame designs are that the Truth is simple, Deceit however is more complex. Both are fire and of the same source depicting the duality of free will. The Flame of truth is blood wood and the fire of deceit is Peruvian walnut.
Here we have a piece of woodwork symbolizing the concept of Truth and Deceit. - Metzig Woodworks.com

In it's very artistic state, the woodwork captures the essence of a what human beings struggle with. On the outside, perhaps you have a great job (if you do, very good for you), a nice home, a nice car, great clothing, shoes, jewelry, vacations, investments, family, friends. You have it all! Anyone looking at you is thinking your life is PERFECT.

Is it perfect? Is it what you have always aspired for? Have you succeeded with all that you have wanted? Are you worry free? Are you healthy and happy? Are you loving your present moment? Are you at peace with all of those who are around you? Do you feel enthusiastic everyday when you get out of bed ? Do you embrace how wonderful your life is and those in your lives who you love? Are you loving the person you are inside??

These are very tough questions and bring us back to our artistic piece of woodwork. We should ask ourselves, am I living with myself in complete truth, or am I deceiving myself ?? What shows on the outside, is merely an image (an idea) that you want to present to the world, to the people you know... to seek approval and praises. But what about what is going on inside, is there peace or a mini-war?

There is solid proof that if you have issues going on inside your mind and body that plague you daily, then you should consider having a re-balancing. Worries, fears, and discontent are a red flag that something is not right. The false belief is, if you have that "perfect" outside life (that people admire and envy) then you should not complain and should not have any worries.

Why not be healthy? Why resist it? Does it also seem right that along with that lovely home and $50,000 car, that you should show your friends and family that you go to the best doctors? The best psychologist? Does it seem right that behind closed doors, you dislike your job, dislike your boss, perhaps even dislike your family? Does it seem ok that you have insecurities? Does it seem right that you should struggle with the same demons year in and year out??? People have become complacent about living their lives with all this "stuff" going on, pretending it's not, when deep down inside they are longing for a real, honest to goodness, CHANGE.

What is great about our lives is, we have a choice to do something about what is wrong with the inside of our lives, our minds, our bodies. We do NOT have to live and wait to break down and fall apart. We CAN save ourselves from unnecessary emotional obstacles. We can learn effective and life long tools and behaviors that can enable us to be positive healthy functioning souls in all branches of our lives.

Don't wait to "lose" it, don't wait to have to run to the hospital, don't wait until your family falls apart, don't wait until major medications are the only recourse. Don't wait until it's too late and no one wants to be part of your world anymore. Don't think "this is about as good as it gets." Don't follow what has been done before you.... and failed. It can get better. There is a TON of good in you and a TON of good living for you to experience. And you can still live in the midst of "things going wrong," (since things will ALWAYS go wrong) and stay strong, healthy and focused in the process, which will in turn help those around you to cope better too!

The mind is a powerful tool, but if it is not strengthened just as someone would go to the gym and lift weights, it can become weak, sickly and subject to many infections and ailments. A sickly mind impacts all aspects of your being and then it infects all who is around you.

Strengthening your mind will DEFINITELY strengthen the way you live, making you truly appreciative of who you ARE.... and what you have!!!! If we all spread this new spirit, perhaps we can shift from "stuff going wrong," to "stuff going RIGHT"

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