04 April 2009

Life a performance?

I literally have 10 mins to blog today due to our busy day. We just returned from a huge and inspirational memorial service for a woman who was just about my age, a loving mother and a devoted and dedicated wife.....and I believe that because I met this woman. She passed away 3 weeks ago after battling her illness for 3 years. She left behind a wonderful loving husband and an equally endearing son who goes to school with and is in the same grade as my son. She was truly a loving woman who will be missed dearly by many beyond just her immediate family. Another lesson learned about life, that we should consider how we want to live our lives so that when it is our time to leave this earth, can we leave with dignity knowing we have left a mark and will be dearly remembered?? Serious food for thought!

Do you feel like your life is a never ending screen play? Do you feel like you are starring in a show that you have to constantly prepare for and you wonder if you have studied your lines enough? Will you be able to "pull it off?" Can you pass the tests that everyone seems to think are mandatory? Will you win life's "Oscar" for your phenomenal performance?

The typical show that everyone tries to get a part in involves: getting an education, getting the right job, buying a house, getting married, having children, taking vacations, investments, attending certain functions, belonging to certain groups/clubs, winning the approval and the kudos of everyone in the sidelines, and the list can go on and on.

It all seems so monotonous at times, trying to keep up with what we convince ourselves is what we SHOULD be doing. Do you try to keep up.....with the Jones? With the Smiths? With whatever upbringing you have had ? With your parent's expectations of you? With the politics of where you work? Do the convictions of these people (who guide your decision making in life) truly coordinate with your own convictions and what you truly believe in and what you aspire for in YOUR life?

If you are not enjoying the rehearsals that you have to endure in an effort to get your "starring role" down pat to win your award, then you are truly NOT doing what you want to do with your life.

If you feel compelled to obligate yourself to things and people who/that truly do not excite you, then you are NOT truly living YOUR life, and you have not chosen your ideal role!

I think so many of us would be so much happier if we could sit down and truly make choices that would work for our own SELVES and not choices based on what others will think or what is expected of us. I am not suggesting that we shun our responsibilities, nor that we lose our sense of compassion and dedication to others, but you can not truly be good to others until you are good and true to yourself.

What good does it do to walk around smiling and performing for the masses out in public, and then once you are behind closed doors, you are a scared, frightened and an unhappy person???

Can you look in the mirror and honestly say to yourself, "I am living my best life possible. I fully appreciate the choices I have made and the person I have tried to become."

We all have to make sacrifices for certain reasons in our lives, but we need to also make sacrifices for our own good. Sacrifices that can truly help us to be the best we can be, which in turn, will show when we are out on that big stage called "LIFE!"

Make this your best and truly happiest performance!

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Oliva, NY said...

Uhhhh, this is a tough one. You got me here. I may or may not be living my life to the fullest. :(