09 April 2009

You will get there

Do you feel like this weather is just sabotaging your ability to stick with your SPRING time plan of action to renew yourself? One day it's 65 degrees, and the next it's snowing? This can surely confuse your mood and your motivation. What to eat? How to dress?

One moment it is sunny, and the next moment it is so cloudy..... and so are your desires --- bright with great positive outlook yesterday, and bleak filled with pessimism today. To top it off, we are in April, and many are still being afflicted with colds and viruses!

Like it or not, Spring is coming...... to be followed by Summer. The coats come off. Though the topsy turvy weather may have you dizzy, achy and incapable of pinning down your commitment, I urge you to hunker down and grip your goals once and for all... better yet, grip your weights, do your squats, go for that jog, spin, box, hula hoop.......KI-YAH!!!........ Namaste.

Give this a gander:
The results of what you did for the past 3 months are showing today. Are you pleased with where you are at? If so, good for you... keep it up!!!

If you are
not pleased..... what you do DIFFERENTLY today, and continue to do for the next few weeks, will unveil a brand new you!

If you can't get to the gym, bring the gym to you.

Your body is a machine within itself! Use it!!!

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Rosa Mora said...

Thanks! This has been the hardest winter for my regimen! I am desperately seeking more motivation and ideas. It's getting better and easier reading your blogs! Thanks fitness mamacita!