02 April 2009

Hopeful or Hopeless?

The word "hope" is on the minds of just about every person on this planet due to the current state of existence we all share. It's an easy word to adapt into one's disposition because in every aspect of one's being, there is a desire, a want, an expectation for someone or for something.

Right now, most Americans hope that President Obama will "fix" all the economic problems that this country has, and according to some people's opinion about the "Queen of England" (she felt inclined to touch the first lady as she knows she is connected to the president) putting her arms around Michelle Obama's waist in London yesterday, the WORLD hopes that Mr. Obama will fix things too! What a heavy burden that man has to bear!

Webster's New World dictionary defines hope as, "trust that what is wanted, will happen." However, hope is simply an emotion, a thought, a feeling you can have, but hope by itself, can not bring about anything to happen.

Many of us persistently live out our lives making references to "hoping for," just about everything that matters to us. We hope to graduate. We hope to land a good job. We hope to be able to pay our bills. We hope to lose weight. We hope we have healthy children. We hope our children are ok. We hope.

For some of us, it's well understood that in order for hope to cause an outcome, we must facilitate it with some sort of action. We teach our young children that they have to study hard and then they will get good grades. Put in the effort, reap the rewards!!! You could never teach a child to sit around and "hope" for good grades or to "hope" to make friends, or "hope" to excel in some sort of activity without them trying hard to make it a reality. Otherwise, you would have a child plagued with immense disappointment and lack of confidence.

As adults, we have to remember that system because life continues to be a learning experience. To be hopeful without an attempt is a hopeless situation. Some people are guided by their "faith," and they constantly say, "I have faith that...." Again, faith is like hope, it can only benefit if you have made an effort to bring about whatever it is you desire to have occur.

It's so important to remember how hope, faith, desire and all these other types of "feelings" work because if you don't, your hope can quickly become despondency. Being despondent leads to giving up, lacking trust, lacking ambition, lacking self-confidence..... the list is endless.

Think about what you are truly HOPING for today? In your lifetime? Or what you hope for just for the moment... now?? What are you doing to make the chances of it happening more possible? You have to make an effort ....... Get to the point that you feel assured... it's a good feeling to have!

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