27 April 2009

What's in your blood?????

Do you keep up with all your bloodwork?

Do you have copies of all your bloodwork for the past 10 years?

Do you go over your bloodwork with your doctor in detail?

Do you watch for fluctuations in results? For example, do you compare year over year, your cholesterol readings?

Do you know the significance of HDLs, LDLs, and triglycerides? Do you know the importance of each of these numbers?

Do you make sure your doctor does not dismiss you and tell you, you are within the range without making sure you are within a range you have always been in?????

Do you understand your bloodwork ? Or do you sit and just listen to your doctor say, "you are fine."

If you can't answer YES to ALL of these questions, then you put your trust of YOUR health in someone else's hand....

Even if you are the healthiest person, you should care about all of these issues and more.

If you bother to check your investments everyday, or your bank account, or how much taxes came out of your check, or the healthy growth of your grass.......

Then you should make CERTAIN to know, exactly what state of health you are in --- and what it all REALLY and TRULY means!

Start putting yourself first!

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