13 April 2009

Movie Bingeing....who me?

I enjoy going on "movie watching" binges! It's the only way I am able to see SOME of the so called great movies that come out. The only time I choose to go to the movie theater though, is with my children since it's a low cost "family" outing which they appreciate. Low cost? Am I crazy? I remember the fantastic matinees for $1.50! Today, for the 3 of us to see a movie, it costs about $40.00 and that only includes movie tix, popcorn and water. At those prices, I make certain to drive an extra 15 minutes to the "cushier" theatre with the Jet Blue extra legroom high back rocking seats!!

The last few days, after my runs, I have returned to my house and decided to treat myself to a movie each day while I lengthen my workout with extra cardio, weights and toning. An extra 1 1/2 to 2 hrs of exercise with some entertainment... can't knock it! I can admit that I do not get sucked into all the media hype when a movie first comes out. I know the movie is not going anywhere and it does not matter to me that I am not able to join into all the conversations folks are having around me about the movie they just saw!

From my treasured mentor, Eckhardt Tolle, I did learn last year this time that some movies are just not good for the soul. I would have to agree. I am not judging anyone on their choice of movie genres, but I have to say that for myself, it's not healthy to watch certain things. I truly pay attention to what disturbing movies do to me, my mindset, my emotions, and it does NOT feel good. I can NOT justify why I would want to feel entertained by senseless violence and some other very disturbing topics. Yes, there are some great movies that have these elements, but they truly move you. I make a choice, at times, NOT to be moved in those directions.

I need to toss out some praises to a few people though because while I watched their movies, I really and truly felt they had a TRUE PURPOSE in mind when they decided to embark upon their projects. Tyler Perry is a new appreciation for me. At first, when all the "Madea" movies came out, I immediately thought it was just nonsense. It seemed he kept doing the same thing over and over, and perhaps he was. However, he has grown as an artist and I see fantastic things to come from him in the future. On Friday, I watched, "Why did I get married?" It was riveting. Sure there is a lot of "stuff" happening in the movie that is almost unbelievable, but I began to realize, it was surely believable. He brings a lot of TRUTH to the screen which I respect.

Yesterday, finally, after all this time, after all the glory, all the awards, and above all.... all "my" apprehension.... I watched, "Slumdog Millionaire." As it got underway, I had my preconceived opinions starting a little conversation in my head, mostly to the tune of, "ok, let's see what is soooo great about this movie." I had my weighted vest on, AND weights in my hand, as I had intended to continue working out, toning up. I just knew that "this" movie would probably only need part of my attention because as a multi-tasker, I try to figure out how to accomplish more than one thing at a time. I need to work on that :)!

Well, within the first five minutes, the weights were on the floor, the vest came off, and I was involved with "Slumdog!" When I consider that some people actually criticized it, I can only imagine that they must have seen a different movie than what I saw. However, to each his own. I respect that. It was sheer genius, and to me, it had a lot of purpose. Whether or not Danny Boyle's purpose was to take home an Oscar (or 10 Oscars) or not, he managed to put a "lot of movie," into ONE movie. I so appreciate that since it seems that so many times a movie comes out and it just falls short in so many, many ways.

Both of these movies inspire me to remember that LIFE has PURPOSE. My life has a purpose, and your life has a purpose.

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Rosa Mora said...

I know you may now appreciate the fact that I like to be scared and many times indulge in gory nonsense movies, but truth is, I still like them. :) I never dwell on them though, thank God! I do agree with Tyler Perry's newer flicks and love "why did I get married", even own it! Truth life, true issues, whether you want to hear it or not! Finally Slum Dog was amazing!!! I too had that mindset when popping in the DVD and then was captivated!! Luckily, I own it too! :)