08 April 2009

This is real

I truly can say that I have found my purpose in life and it entails being more than just a mother of two children, and paying bills. My genuine passion is to share and help people to deal with whatever it is they struggle with on a personal level. Health and well-being play a significant role in how we live out our lives. My life has had it's share of obstacles, high points, low points, huge accomplishments, and mistakes just like the next person, and it's been a learning experience throughout which I embrace. I don't have all the answers and I don't think all the answers are in a book or even in the wisdom of others you meet that appear to know it all and have it together. Some people are just really good at making you believe that their lives are perfect. I simply want to make you believe in yourself and encourage you to try your best..... your honest to goodness best.

Some folks don't even see the value in trying hard with much of anything and I think it's to do with their self-esteem and perhaps some myths they have that were falsely taught to them. We can all strive for perfection, but we will never achieve it. What we can achieve is a comfortable balance that comes out of the efforts we put in towards our well-being. My belief is that beyond just exercising and having a healthy diet, it's really important to consider what the purpose of your life is. Your choice of purpose is your sole decision, and it should be one that you feel gives you the most satisfaction and hopefully positively impacting the lives of others. Sometimes you help people immensely just by how you carry yourself on a daily basis.

It can be a bit sad to hear stories that some people have to tell where they admit that the life they lived was not their life of choice, or that they were unhappy for so many years but they decided to stay with their given situation because it was easier (so they thought) than walking away. Some people harbor loads of resentment for the fact that invested their time and effort in someone(s) and it was not appreciated in the end. Lots of people are walking around with regrets. At the time when they chose not to do certain things in their lives, their minds were not considering the fact that the time was passing by and they could never get it back.

The writing is on the wall and it's important to read what is there, digest it, and make a choice based on the truth that is being told to you. It's been a life lesson to me that this is very necessary to do. We have family, loved ones, and dear friends who we believe adore us and would support us with anything, only to find out when you really and desperately need them, they are not there for you. Your first inclination would be to find fault with their lack of compassion for you, to ostracize them and verbally scold them because of the hurt that you feel. And what good does that do? This kills your spirit, and most likely when you treat them this way, they only fall deeper into the darkness where they are already.

If you allow yourself, you may come to realize that you initially conjured up the belief in your own mind, that you could expect support from them simply because they were so dear to you. They said the "right" things to you. They praised you. In some cultures, places, countries, the common practice, IS to "support one another," but in places where people struggle to keep their minds in a positive place and impart balance in their daily lives, support is not something they even understand. Their minds are too clouded with their very own issues . Their regrets are getting the best of them, and so they are not in tuned to your desires. Their vision for themselves is so blurry, they don't have the capacity to have a vision for you.

In my quest to share and help as many people as possible, I urge anyone out there who is stuck in a situation with loads of expectations that are not being met by the special people in their lives, to venture out and "GO IT ON YOUR OWN." Trust in yourself that you can do more than you give yourself credit for and try to stop leaning on the hopes that just because the people around adore you, that they will support whatever you are trying to achieve.

This will help those who are:

- trying to fulfill a passion
- trying to lose weight
- trying to break a bad habit
- trying to start something new
- needing simple help and support

Also consider that sometimes you overlook the people who are truly supportive of you and the ones who do share your vision. They may not be your immediate family, or even best friend, but they are there everyday urging you on and validating that you are doing the right thing.

Support yourself, believe in yourself and never let anyone hinder your spirit!

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Oliva, NY said...

I need to start somewhere, you are leading in the right path...thanks so much! NOW, where to go?? :)