05 April 2009

Excuses exonerate one from commitment

Excuses are a way to justify not doing what you know you need to do, and actually, what you WANT to do.

"It's too cold today, maybe tomorrow." --- Dress warm! Layer up!... Quit it... Spring is Here!

"It's raining!" --- Jumping jacks, pushups and situps.... there's always a solution!

"I have this pain and I am waiting for it to get better." -- Work through it...body needs to move!

"I had no hot water today." --- That's terrible... 1 min cold shower will surely wake you up!

"I did not get to bed until very late last night." -- Get up anyway, do something, nap later!

"I had too many drinks."--- All the more reason to sweat those toxins out! Drink water too!

You know what happens during the endless excuses that plague ALL of us? Time passes by... tootles... and you will never get it back.

During the "waiting game" .... the game that says, until things are better, I will put off.... the "aging game," goes on.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not get out of bed "bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and rearing to go" every single day. 30 reasons why I would rather stay under the sheets surely dash through my mind within the first few minutes that my eyelashes have fluttered.

When I look at my life in general, I can admit that I have exhausted my share of EXCUSES for all sort of things. I am working on that now. There are surely things that matter to me, and I am working towards making them happen. For the things that don't matter, I simply say, "No thank you."

In the mornings, upon rising, I let all of that "excuse" mania have it's way for a few minutes, and then I get up and I breathe. Thereafter, I walk around, assess my surroundings, look in the mirror and say, "You need some attention!" Some days are made for running, some days are made for walking, some days are made for kicking and punching.... but everyday is a day for doing something that may just keep me healthy, happy and motivated.... soI can do the rest of what I need and want to do.

My intention is not to dismiss anyone's real life dilemmas and ordeals, but I urge even the most downtrodden person to realize that in order to better deal with anything in life, put aside the excuses for a moment and let yourself have some YOU time. Truly, no one should let anyone or anything prevent you from your YOU time....

Some of you will realize that the only excuse that is keeping you from working on YOU .... is YOU ... your mind...

Time to do some internal maintenance.... switch around those circuits.... disconnect the "CAN'T and WON'T" wires... and install the "WILL and CAN" wires! UNLEASH your new POWER !!!!

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Sitaluv said...

OMG! Those are all my excuses! Can you call me in the AM's pls? Possibly get me out of bed! :( Terrible...I will keep pushing myself as long as I have the strength in my legs, my one good arm and good health! I will do it!!!