18 April 2009

Don't get discouraged

I have seen and heard many people get discouraged and drop a program to get fit and eat healthy, because they don't see immediate results. I urge anyone starting something new to do two things in the beginning. The first thing is to believe in yourself which may be something new within itself but it's truly important to grasp that concept in order to see results. The second thing is to believe in the program you are starting and the person that may have introduced it to you.

There are no quick fixes particularly if you are embarking on making changes to something that has been in place and obviously not working for many years. If you have jumped from one thing to another, still having not found an ideal solution for achieving your goals, it may be time that you realize that you need a new approach and that you truly need a caring and informed support system.

Just because you have tried many times before to enhance your health and failed, does not mean there is no hope for you. There is hope when you are able to find someone or something that will help you to start believing in yourself while introducing you to the true tools that will enable you to achieve your goals as well as maintain your renewed mindset for a lifetime.

Food for thought:

Have you ever decided to get up and exercise and 10 or 15 minutes into your session you still don't feel good, or your breathing is hampered? Do you honestly believe that athletes just get up and sail through their workouts with no obstacles ALL of the time?

This is where you need to put aside the desire to get discouraged, and become encouraged. It's about choosing the positive over the negative.

Allow yourself a chance to see what happens after that 15 minutes. It's your journey into the unknown and you should venture there because you may just find new discoveries about yourself when you get there. You will find that it was your mind that kept you close to home.

Ultimately when you keep increasing the steps you take on your travel to a healthier destination, you will surely be proud of yourself and you will FEEL the results of your efforts.

With the same anticipation that a person has when they say things like, "Oh I would love to take a trip to Hawaii or to Italy because I hear it's so beautiful," one should believe that a trip to wellness would be just as beautiful because they have heard people talk about it. What's even better about the trip to wellness over a lovely trip to Hawaii is, you never have to leave!!!

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