18 April 2009

Hibernation in Northeastern US

Do you fly to the south at the end of the Fall and suddenly reappear in your circles, trying to warm up your wings in the Spring?

Do you pile on your furry coat in December and crawl into a cave inconspicuously gathering up anything that you can find to keep you comforted until the last chill dissipates into the atmosphere around Easter?

Sorry to say we are not birds, and we are not bears, and our lives truly need a sense of balance that guides us throughout the changing seasons, year in and year out, so that we can maintain health, happiness and the desire to live life as much as possible.

The cold can be debilitating, sapping your energy, sapping your enthusiasm, freezing it over to a state that lasts for 5 months or more. If this is what happens to you every year without fail, then you really need to seek out new survival techniques.

Most likely as many of us do love to indulge in those scrumptious comfort foods that truly warms and fattens our bellies, we manage to transform our once fit summer/fall physiques, into a culmination of turkey-holiday-fat tuesday-easter-fat rabbit creations! During the "growing" season, we also pile on lots of sadness, lack of self-control, self-pity, and despair. Throughout, we justify that "it's too cold to exercise," "it's too cold to eat salads," "it's just for the winter," "as soon as the weather improves, I will get back on track."

Well, these choices do nothing but create a huge burden on one's self because you have to prime yourself all over again to "get back to the person who you once were, and want to be again."

It is time to make a conscious decision to change the old way of thinking and to dispel the need to rely on the "idea" of resolutions. If you are making the same resolutions every year, then it means that you are failing every year. A resolution should be to improve something you are already working on, or to accomplish something NEW.

It's the perfect time to build a new way of thinking and to realize that being true to yourself is something you should do year round because it will prohibit you from having to redo the same thing year in and year out. Things that are redone year in and year out should put a smile on your face, such as gardening or starting a new project!

Make a choice to have one less thing to worry about --- yourself, and stay on your path of wellness ALL of the time!

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