18 April 2009

Admiring yourself is just as important

Do you easily walk around admiring other people, noticing exactly what is so wonderful about them and even making an effort to tell them? That's a wonderful thing. It's great when we take time out to uplift one another and paying compliments surely does that!

Do you also have your share of people who admire you? You are constantly hearing how great you are, or how you brighten people's day with your smile or your loving attitude. That too, is a wonderful thing. Again, you get uplifted in this way and it makes you feel good about yourself and your existence.

So now we have a pie, 1/3 of it comprises of you admiring people, and another 1/3 is made up of the people who admire you, and we have 1/3 more that needs to be designated. That 1/3 is equally important to the other 2/3 and it is the necessity of YOU admiring YOU.

Are you the type of person who yes, smiles when you get your compliments, throws the compliments to others, but deep inside you are truly not happy with the person you are. You often sit and reassure yourself that you don't deserve the compliments that people give you and you even question the credibility of what they have said to you. Well if you are haunted by such thoughts, then you are probably not happy with the choices you have made in your life.

The first most important thing that should matter to you is how happy you are with yourself. It's not justified by what others say but by what you say to yourself. Perhaps you truly are a fantastic person but your thoughts don't allow you to believe that. This needs to change. You need to learn why you would have these negative thoughts about yourself and make an effort to undo them. Most likely you just need a renewed spirit, and a renewed plan about how you will live your life. Sit down and speak honestly about what is missing and what you need. Acknowledge truthfully if you feel great when you get out of bed everyday.

Inevitably we should all continue to admire each other, but we should simply admire ourselves because we truly love who we are as individuals!

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