31 May 2009

A choice of pain

Pain comes in different types and offers different results.

Choose one ---

1. Pain brought on by lack of movement --- which causes sadness, obesity, body pains, major illnesses, weakened cardiovascular system.......

2. Pain brought on by an hour or so of challenging exercise that strengthens the body, mind and soul. This is really not pain but more of a breaking down and building up of muscles, will and mind. You get past any lingering discomfort if it is done effectively and regularly. Once you break it down, and rebuild, you are now stronger and better than before. You learn so much about your body and you can prevent the pain from returning. You are now in control!

Often people who avoid exercise (and proper nutrition) resort to reasons like, "I can't exercise because I have joint pain," or "running (or much of any type of cardio) gives me knee pain." Some say they are too tired to workout, or that working out makes them tired. People who don't exercise surely do NOT feel more energetic and do not function better than people who do exercise.

Avoiding exercise certainly is not the answer if you do indeed have issues with joint pain, back pain, etc. Food offers much nutrition for inflammation of the body, so it is key to find out what foods would benefit you so that you can find a solution for your discomfort.

Why choose to live with the discomfort? Why choose to get up daily and complain about the same ailments day in and day out?

You have to get past the idea of feeling UNCOMFORTABLE "thoughts." Much of the time, it's the mind that is preventing you from drifting out of the "false" sense of a comfort zone that you have created. The real discomfort is not in the activity of exercise but rather in the thought of doing it. Why fear what is truly beneficial? It makes no sense.

Physical activity is a MUST for the human body. It fine tunes all its part which creates an environment for GOOD things to happen. A body that is stagnant is a body that becomes stiff, sluggish, slow to move, slow to react, slowing down....... Much of the time the joint discomfort that one feels is really joint STIFFNESS. It's a pain brought on by INACTIVITY.

Yoga and stretching are ideal exercises for people who have extra issues with joint stiffness and muscle fatigue, tightness, irregularities, stress, etc. You have to continually give your body the MOVEMENT that it needs to get past the false pain that you think you feel.

You will indeed shift from the feeling of discomfort of a body UNDER-used, to a new COMFORTABLE feeling of a body PROPERLY-used, when you embark upon a regular program of SENSIBLE exercise. Your good feelings will quickly shift from your body and it's functioning, to your mind... creating a state of ... "WOW !!!"

Physical fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles. Since what we do with our bodies also affects what we can do with our minds, fitness influences to some degree qualities, such as mental alertness and emotional stability.

Plain and simply put, physical fitness is a TOTAL BODY --- GOOD experience that enhances YOU .... ALL OVER....

Do it regularly and accept the comfort of challenging effort that you put forth!


Semperk said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the good work. 8)

Rosita said...

Afterwork out pain is the best! Grrr..although I still have hip pain,not sure why? Not crucial but nagging pain. I'm hoping yoga will help w/o seeking a doc. We'll see how it goes next week. I am continuing my reg exercise, gotta stay young and fit! Thanks for your blog!!

Rosa said...

My coworker refused to do yoga and he's training for this year's NYC marathon. I keep pestering him and hope it will sink in. Comes to work last week w/ back pain! Oh boy, here we go...still no avail. Wish he would log into your blogs! ;)