01 June 2009

Beefing up security

After I logged off last night, I was luxuriating in the thought of my workout for this morning. I was to run first, and then do my P90X -- Back, Biceps and AbRipper X -- about 2 hrs or so of intense exercise. Woo hoo! I laid in my bed attempting to go to sleep and then the phone rang at 9:30. As soon as I saw the caller ID, my children's father's house, I knew what to expect. My 7 year old daughter was running a fever.

I could not sleep. I kept the phone right by my pillow because in the past, I would have to jump out of bed, dress quickly, hop in the car, and go to get my sweet angel. When my children get sick, they instinctively beg for me. They know I will tend to them to the best of my ability. I have the strength to sacrifice my sleep in pursuit of keeping them comfortable and getting them back on their feet as quickly as possible. It's a mission I face with the same vengeance when necessary!

As soon as I know that my children may be ailing with something, I gear up for combat. I get my plan of attack together, and I move forward... no holds barred. Tea, soup, extra liquids, extra vitamins, eucalyptus baths, massages, cuddle sessions.... you name it!

But before I can be the best Mommy fighting machine, I have to beef up my own security! I HAVE to WORK OUT! I have to make sure I don't crack under pressure. I have to make sure I am strong, willing and able. I have to get my mind tight for the inevitable whines, moans and groans that can surely shake my patience. I have to most importantly ...make sure not to catch whatever they have.

99.9% of the time, my security measures pay off and I stay strong and diligent throughout. The days are long, and the nights can be even longer. But it's ok. The P90X fighting machine is here.

...And I did do my workout.... even with the not so great night's sleep. Now I can face today and all it's challenges knowing "I" am ok. I can't wait to make a lovely batch of chicken soup for my angel!


Rosa said...

You are my fighting machine!! Can you come over and take care of Jazmine and I too pls!!?? :)
Were you up at 3am working out? Love it! Now if only I could get out of bed at 5am I'd be just as strong as you!! ;) Thanks chiquita, yr kids are very lucky.

Sita said...

You are a warrior of healing and one of many strengths!!