19 May 2009

Face your health, don't fear it

Do you get overwhelmed at the idea of starting on a health and fitness program? Do you immediately feel that you will fail before you even get started? Have you tried many times before to become more healthy and failed?

First we need to consider what issues caused problems for you in the past and realize that the old issues can be put away forever, and you can embark on your program with a new sense of positivity!

If your life continues to be filled with obstacles that prevent you from addressing your health, you should seriously consider getting someone to help you overcome these roadblocks. Much of the time when we are having difficulties with sticking with a goal, it is not because there are menacing occurrences in our lives, but more so because WE CHOOSE to allow these intrusions to affect us and debilitate us. You can make a choice to do otherwise.

Before you can have physical and nutritional fitness, you must have mental fitness. Those wonderful commercials/infomercials and diet products sold on every street corner can lure you in so easily when you see the images of the "before and after" pictures of the individuals who supposedly transformed their bodies in 30, 60 or 90 days. Most of those pictures and videos leave out the real truth behind these success stories, the truth about how those individuals (the true success stories) managed to achieve MENTAL wellness during and after their journey into a new healthy lifestyle.

You can not just get up harboring the same negative thoughts, worries and defeatist mindset and make positive strides with your wellness program. In the midst of a 'sun salutation', your mind can not be thinking about how much anger you still have from the "meeting gone wrong" the night before or the dysfunctional relationship you have with a loved one. Your body works in sync with your thoughts. Yes, there are many fitness folks who will say that exercise is their outlet to release tension and anxiety, and yes, this is true.

Exercise can be the most powerful way to work off stress, but your mind has to believe that and your focus is still be in tuned with your body and what you are trying to achieve. The outcome will not be that you actually banished the "thing" that had you stressed, but actually you will have banished the thoughts about that stress that had a terrible grip on your mind. Then it carries over to your day, when you now have to face whatever the tribulation was, and you suddenly feel more empowered, more centered and more rational about how you will deal with that particular issue. Your exercise is your tool to stabilize how you digest your life.

Mental and physical fitness is truly about understanding that it is a BELIEF system. When you take time out to exercise, you have a belief that your workout has a GRAND PURPOSE. It is not a mere exercise of "just doing," but rather a process that will lead you to a better place on many levels.

Some people exercise regularly but even after months, even years, they still find it to be the most "grueling" thing they do during their day. They still benefit because as much as they want to complain that they "hate to exercise," something has them compelled to still do it. The choice they make is a good one despite their attitude. Little do they consider that, their mind has actually embraced the benefits of the exercise program .... the mind AND body demands it!

For anyone out there who is still putting off or dismissing the idea of a wellness program, I urge you to consider that your thoughts, perhaps FEARS are the cause for your RESISTANCE. Think about what you actually fear.... feeling better? Feeling better??? Functioning better? And there's lot's more goodies that you wrongly fear!

You can face these fears with someone who can help you to overcome them and help you to cross over to CURIOSITY. It's time for you to get curious about what it would be like to help your health in ways you never imagined. Little ways that would go a LONG way and put you on a path of a much HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and FULFILLING lifestyle!

No matter what age, or what you do for a living, your health and wellbeing matter for YOUR life!

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