27 May 2009

Do you feel stuck?

How many years has it been?

How much longer will it be? When will it really be the right time?

How hard have you tried?

Do you feel like you will never get it right?

Do you feel like all your attempts have been fruitless?

Do you have SOMEONE truly SUPPORTING you? Encouraging you to go the distance? Encouraging you daily that you CAN succeed?

Do you believe in yourself?

Are the inner voices trying to keep you disconnected from what YOU NEED to do for yourself?

Do you hold onto the past? Do you find it hard to shake off what has happened and hindered you BEFORE and realize that it's a brand new day for you to try again??

Do you have your priorities in the right order so that you get what YOU deserve?

Do you know the value of having at least ONE person supporting you to be the best you??

Do you know that NOW is the time for you to do what you need to do for YOU?


Let go of the past.

Don't turn away from the present. The RIGHT time is NOW.

Someone else can not give you happiness, you have to create your own by fulfilling your dreams and desires.

You have to take care of your body, and your mind!

If you need help, find someone who you believe in your heart .... believes in YOU!

Find your inner voice that only knows POSITIVE words -- you can ..... you can... you can!!!!


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