24 May 2009

Old fashioned ideas can be....

Great when we consider that there was a lot of long lasting quality in most of the things produced years ago. Products were "built to last," and many of us may even have some of these prized possessions boxed up in a closet somewhere in our house. Somewhere along the line though, we evolved to a place where we replaced the ideal of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it, " with, "out with the old and in with the new." Modern techology is fascinating and fast paced, and we choose to move ahead with it and we strive to keep up with it.

Well modern technology is merely an example of how human beings can truly challenge their creative capacities by constantly surpassing new levels of innovation. So if we can do this with the production of objects, we should surely do it with our production of thoughts about our personal well being. Striving to keep up and move ahead with our well-being should go hand-in-hand with our move with technology!

SOME old-fashioned ideas need to be put into a box, sealed up, and never be allowed to see the light of day ever again! Such as:

1. "It runs in my family" -- time to start a new trend.
2. "All the women in our family grow big hips when they enter their 40s.." -- that happens in my family, but I work against those odds.
3. "That's the way my great-grandmother used to cook that dish." -- Which is why "it runs in the family and hips grow" -- time to modify the family recipe to something more nutritionally suitable for all concerned.
4. "Fifty is middle aged," -- yes, but consider middle and 50 would mean you should anticipate another 50 years of good living!
5. "My father, and his father, and his father's father, all passed away in their 70s, so I imagine that's about when I may ..." -- NO NO NO. There are too many great "life enhancing" tools, ie. nutrition and fitness education, mind enhancing tools, that can surely change that pattern.
6. "I am just like my ...." -- we can all respectfully relate to someone in our family.... and then we can build upon that to be unique and even better, so that we create our own legacy...
7. "My grandmother always ate meat, potatoes, and.... and lived to 92. I don't understand why we suddenly have to change the way we eat." -- Well, the way food is produced, animals are grown, etc... has changed considerably since the days of our grandparents. The population has tripled, and so the level of consumption is astronomical. Our grandparents did not have to educate themselves on "what is in the food and it's benefits" then like we have to do now.

Do you still have any of the following... or do you miss any of the following?
Cassette players
Manual lawn mowers
A TV with an antenna
Car windows that you have to roll up and down manually
Old fashioned rotary dial telephone .....

The world has advanced tremendously in the past three to four decades. Our new-fashioned ideas about technology and lifestyle are amazing. Thus we should have amazing ideas about WELLNESS that we keep practicing and revising along the way with all the other advancements that happen!

With this vast amount of information, inspiration and resources, we SURELY have CONTROL of the choices we can make to be very healthy, very happy, and truly enjoying life to the fullest!

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