05 June 2009

"One" gives the biggest bang...


Ever wonder why some people work out for 30 mins or 1 hour and seem to look like they worked out for 2 hours? Ever wonder why some people work out for 2 hours and look like they did nothing?

Same questions can be asked about people's investment of their time in just about anything. Cooking, for example. I love those cooking shows or reality shows where they give the contestants 30 minutes to create an exquisite dish with certain key ingredients. That's where the money is, creating something fantastic in a short amount of time. No offense to my mother, but when I was about 17 years old, I had to overthrow her from the kitchen because holiday celebrations were being celebrated the day after because that is when she would be finished cooking.

Often times, the reasons why we can not see the results of our efforts is because we are too busy bringing a lot of USELESS thoughts and nonsense into the mix when we are trying to achieve just ONE thing.

In the matter of working out/exercise, you can truly get the biggest bang for your buck if you realize that the only thing you need to bring to the ONE hour is YOU. Leave all else behind.

Here is a list of what MANY people are thinking about when they are working out:

1. I would rather be doing something else.

2. The something else you would rather be doing --- honestly? You would rather be at work maybe??

3. What you have to do when you get to work. And why? You can't do it while you are working out.

4. How much you hate your job.

5. The fight you had the night before (or minutes before you started working out) with a loved one.

6. The children.

7. Why haven't you lost any weight yet. Maybe because you don't stay in the moment to get the proper benefits of your exercise.

8. Exercise stinks... it does not work. You have to do it properly to know it DOES work.

9. What you are going to eat when you are finished (and most likely something you should NOT have but you think you deserve it because you did a half-efforted workout).

10. You will take tomorrow off.

11. This hurts.

12. Whatever....

13. All the bills...

14. Gotta clean the house...

15. Who you don't like...

16. Other things that have NOTHING to do with the ONE hour that you have to workout.

I suggest you LET IT GO for the ONE hour that you have for YOURSELF.

Clear it out.

Don't do it to yourself.

Invest in yourself for ONE hour a day.

Invest in the thoughts of your body. How it is functioning during the exercises.

Work on your BREATHING first and foremost!!!!!

Feel the moment.

Stay in the moment, don't leave for anything!!! Not a fight, not your job....nothing.

Feel your strength. You have it.

Feel your ability. You have it.

Talk to yourself with all positive thoughts.

When you do these things, you give yourself the very NEEDED attention.

You will cut down on any possible injuries, if you don't get distracted. Often times, people say they hurt themselves during a workout. Pulled a muscle. Often times it's because they were not focused on what they were doing. They were filled with thoughts about so many things that have nothing to do with the workout. You can and will hurt yourself if your mind is elsewhere. Don't go there.

You will learn your true capacity. You will improve. You will appreciate yourself.

STOP.....Letting other outside issues/people get in the way of your progress.
Set your boundaries.

Back to the cooks/chefs who can create those phenomenal, gastronomical delights in minutes flat. They quickly focus on the ingredients they have, and they immediately come up with a dish. A DISH. ONE DISH!! They stay in the moment and create that one dish. They know what they want to achieve. They certainly can not be thinking of 6 different dishes or else, they won't accomplish what they set out to do.


Pretend you are a dish. How do you want to turn out?
Get your simple ingredients together. Bring only them (your exercise equipment) and YOU to the arena where you will create YOU.

Each time you have to work on your creation, have the same mindset.


CT Olson said...

There are all those thoughts. Ya know I think if they studied this they'd find out a huge mental component to those who get results. In fact it's probably some kind of relationship where one feeds off the other - the more you simplify and clear out the garbage the better your results turn out. The more you consistently workout, the better your focus becomes.

Jacquie said...