04 June 2009

Information overload

When the lovely information highway came along, we catapulted ourselves into an utter state of confusion. The television and radio can advertise just about anything today. What to believe? What to buy? Who to listen to?

Everyone and anyone can put it out there. Who is believable? Who knows what they are talking about? Who is truly an authority or just a replica of the "other" professionals?

Who has the best website? Who has the best prices? Where do my friends shop? Heard about it on the evening news? Read an article in your favorite magazine?

Everyone in your town is doing it? Got it on sale, so you feel like you won something?

Can you get great advice from the professionals that you go to on a regular basis?

I love my gynecologist, but he would never tell me or advise me that a certain line of nutritional supplements are good. But there are some great doctors around, that are trustworthy, who would and do.

I remember when my son was first diagnosed with Uveitis, I went on a mission to find every bit of information I could about the condition. Being that I am an advocate of natural and healthy cures, I immediately tried to find out about nutritional ways that I could help him. Uveitis is a build up of inflammation in the eyes. So the "inflammation" issue is what needed to be addressed. The other plan of attack was to attempt to increase the healthiness of his eyes.. thus eye vitamins. I did not want to consider that my son could possibly be on steroid eye drops for months or years. In the midst of trying to fix one problem, he would inevitably inherit another (glaucoma, cataracts, for example, from the aggressive steroid use).

I decided to ask the ophthalmologist about "Bilberry" or "Bilberry extract" because I learned that it was great for improving eye health. He actually said, "there have been many studies that show that certain eye conditions have improved with the use of bilberry." Of course he added, "but I am not sure it would help with the uveitis." Well consider that, if I never brought it up to him, he certainly would never volunteer such information to me. That was enough for me to decide to add it to "our" daily diets, especially since Bilberry also benefits brain and circulation function.

Information can be an extremely helpful thing to everybody. Everything is not for everybody. Some information is just a lot of pitch to entice you to buy something foolish, and some is truly great stuff that can really benefit you.

We have needs and they specifically need to be addressed. It makes no sense to try to fix a problem with the feet by investing in a "Lazyboy chair." I say this because I often see people running out to get things that they do NOT need and certainly will NOT help their lives to get any better.

Some great information comes from the people who are living examples of why something is good. The good ol' "word of mouth," information, based on true, real life experiences. You can't really get that from radio and television commercials. You certainly can't get that from magazine ads or articles. All of these forms of media have the capacity to distort the truth, or simply leave out a lot of pertinent information. Often times, people feel bamboozled and hoodwinked because they buy something, take it home, and expect it to "do what the commercial showed."

I still believe that there is a lot of goodness and information for us to gather. We share and we inspire. We see people we know making changes for the better. We can't necessarily copy one another but the mere "thought" that "there is hope" because someone else is able to "do it," "make a change," gives credence that the information is good.

The best suggestion is to sit down and evaluate your own life and what may be out of place and needs fixing. Consider: Can you do it alone, or do you need some good help to make it happen? Then seek what you need, set your goals, and put your plan of action in play.

Once you get the information, it's very necessary to be PROACTIVE with it.

I used to get drawn into so much stuff, products, ideas. I thought I was having fun and broadening my horizons. Truly I was just wasting a lot of time and money because I was getting reeled in!

Seeing the truth in what you really need is where to start. Discard the rest of the nonsense.

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