07 June 2009

What's the meaning of it all?

I am surely appreciative of the life I have had thus far, including my childhood. The way I see it, life happens on purpose, and we can either take great lessons from it and build on that, or we can sit and complain and criticize which I believe is wholly a waste of precious time. I believe in my heart, that as I do the best I can do at this time for my children with the resources and knowledge that I have, they will ultimately learn, and surpass what I have passed on to them to become even greater than we can fathom at this time. I am very ok with that.

Given that mindset, I can say that based on my childhood and my family background, I make conscious choices to be the person that I am today. I have made my share of mistakes, and probably will still do so going forward, but that is how we live and learn. I strive to stay healthy and in shape because of what I saw around me and based on what I have experienced personally.

I know firsthand what it feels like to not feel good, to take medications, to moan and groan, to want to call in sick to work, to want to sleep all day, to want to scream at someone -- to just feel terrible physically and emotionally. I know what it feels like to not be able to wear my clothes and to feel low and think badly about myself. I know what it feels like to have issues in my own family that include major health problems, emotional problems, major weight problems, people who are a burden to others. I know all of this and lots more, and I don't want it personally for me. No thank you. I choose the opposite and I make it a priority on my list to have MY life that way.

It feels very good to wake up daily and feel strong, healthy and happy and very ABLE. It feels good to be able to think clearly, to feel conscious and aware. It feels good to FEEL life. I have young children and I want them to see a vital, strong, intelligent and fulfilled Mommy daily. I don't want to be their burden. I don't want them walking around the house thinking, "great today will not be so great because Mommy does not feel well," or walking around thinking, "Mommy is not happy." I love being silly with them, dancing, jumping, playing games -- showing them my energy. And unlike my upbringing, their memories of growing up with me may make it even easier for them to keep the same healthy mindset as THEY grow up and try to make their life work. Just maybe!

Isn't that how it should be? I had a thought this morning how people seem to follow some crazy script about how life should be. Kids run around, have fun, play sports, play dates, birthday parties, lots of activities --- tremendous laughter and energy. Adults are supposed to SIT and WATCH??? What is that? There is a law somewhere that says, "once you have some children, hang up your sneakers (or high heels :) and sit down and let them have all the fun. Just sit, get aches and pains, gain weight and pass the baton on to them. It's their turn. You're done!"


I have an aunt and a very close friend who both throw themselves a big birthday party every year. Here! Here! I can appreciate that. Take time out to love yourself and celebrate your life every year with fun and laughter.

It's pretty sad that some adults feel like they are to slow down and shut down as they age but I see it a lot. That is not our destiny. Like yesterday when I was having so much fun dancing with my daughter and other Mommies (some Daddies) and their children. The smiles on our faces... all of our faces. The happiness and joy we felt. My daughter WANTED me to dance with her.

All of this is not just because I work out. It's a mindset I decided I WANT. I want to feel energetic, happy, determined, able, healthy, positive, challenged, silly, fantastic, AGE-LESS!!!! (at least for now :).... and WHY NOT????)

That's the meaning of my life. Living it... enjoying it.... with those around me.... FEELING... really and truly FEELING....... good about it as much as possible!

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