26 July 2009

I'm sorry

I wish I could say that the journey towards good health is an easy one but it is not. I am sorry but it is not an easy one if you struggle to make it so. That is the case when a person has a struggle. Struggle means to progress with difficulty, strenuous effort, having a problem, having obstacles, meeting a roadblock....

Today, people who struggle, seek out solutions that they hope will lessen their failures, but often times they are searching for that "magic" pill. There is no magic pill. Diet pills don't work, surgery is expensive and risky, therapy can be a long, unfulfilling process. So where is the magic?

The magic is in the very person who struggles. The magic is having the desire to make a change, a serious, honest to goodness, CHANGE. That magic can be the most difficult thing a person can choose in their life. It's about having the will to say, "no more, I can't do this anymore." I see magic daily. I see people turning their lives around because it is very necessary. I see people amaze themselves because they never thought they had it in them.

The magic is about dropping all the negative beliefs, negative people, leaving it behind, leaving them behind, and not worrying about what people think, or what you think you are missing out on. Seek to find the people who can help you when you make this choice. There are many people transforming their lives and they are real.

I recently met someone who was truly "magical" when she offered to teach me all she knows. How often does that happen? People tend to be very selfish with their knowledge, their skill, their help. Today, everything has a price tag. You want this? Ok, I will give it to you if you pay me for it.

This is why so many struggling persons continue to struggle. They may certainly have the money to pay for what they want, but many have paid and paid, over and over, and they feel hopeless now. They are now apprehensive.

I am so sorry that this is the case. You go in for help and you often hear these words, "well, I can't help you unless you are willing to help yourself." Easier said than done, right? "Hey, it's up to you... how bad do you want this?"

Survival of the fittest! The words alone discourage you and make you not even want to try. That's not fair. That's where your struggle starts... with the fact that you let the words debilitate you. People's words can be the worst poison.

Well, that's the truth about where we are in this world. There still exists a small number of folks who have a great helping spirit. They have compassion and they have love in their hearts. That's where it starts, and that is where those who struggle have to start too...... you have to go back to believing in love, and the fact that there are still some people who care and who can help you without selling you "this or that."

The journey towards better health is not so simple, there is no magic pill. Take two of this and call me in the morning. Take this for 10 days and you will be fine. Do this for 6 weeks and you will be great. None of that works.

We must start with what you believe in. We must look at what you do now, why you do it, and why you must stop doing it. We must make you realize that the answer lies in you. You are a great person, with great ability. Your life belongs to you and you deserve to decide how you want to live it... healthy??

Every person has the capacity to be great on all levels. First you have to move away from the people who are not interested in you as a person, and realize that you as a person is where the magic starts.

Everyone has magic... that can not be bought anywhere.... I am sorry to say!

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