20 July 2009

Life is really good

You know what I consider a good life? Having good health -- a healthy body, mind and soul. I don't spend a lot of time feeling bad, I don't spend time feeling sick. That would be a waste of valuable "living" time. From there, I am able to be an ideal mother to my children. I strive to keep them healthy, happy and ever-learning. At this time in my life, I am proud to say that my children get up daily to see an energetic, hard-working, very well, happy human being they call "Mom."

We hug a lot. We talk a lot. We laugh a whole lot together. We enjoy each other's company. I care about how they feel, day in and day out. I understand that "TODAY" is the most important day....

My life has been a continuous learning journey. I am a human being, sharing the earth with over 6 billion other people, and though I can not worry so much about each and every one of those people, I recognize that their lives are just as important as my life. I also recognize that as much as we have moved forward with technology, we need to go back to the simple ideals about "life."

I am happy that I outgrew my desire to be selfish and self-centered and became more in-tuned to the fact that there are people who need help and are afraid to reach out and ask for help. This world with all it's great everything can be a very intimidating place to live without feeling insecure and helpless. Much like the sport of running, only a small few people can muster up the strength or desire to "race" and keep up. Life is very much like a day of the New York City Marathon --- in a city of over 8 million people, there are only 38,000 people running. No one is focusing on the 8 million people. Life is truly like a race, but we all don't have to run it at the same pace. We can choose a different terrain, a different venue, a different distance.....

I used to think that my main objective in life was to accumulate a lot of great things. But things are just that... things. They only have value based on how we "care" about them and how we let them guide our lives. We feel like we have arrived when we can show off all the great things we have .... yes, the things that our successful careers have allowed us to purchase. The more expensive your things, the more successful you are... right?

It's time to stop and look at most of the stuff we have and realize the truth of our attachment to the objects. You have that gorgeous ring that you put on your finger, and do you sit for hours admiring it? ...... ???? And the meaning of it all? Do you see the real meaning behind the ring? Or are you just caught up in the monetary cost that the ring represents? .... Even if you got it on sale. Are you wearing the ring to flaunt it in front of others? Perhaps the others will not care, or they may feel hurt and jealous. Much of the time we focus on the "price" of the item, and we justify that we own something extremely valuable. But what do you really own? You own your thoughts ..... You own your actions...

I am not casting judgment on anyone who takes great pride in having an abundance of valuable "things" in their life. My only concern is that you stop and really acknowledge what your life's existence is about. If you stray to far from what LIFE is all about, nothing that you have will ever bring you true love and true happiness.....

Are you living the life you want to live?
Are you loving the people who really matter to you?
Are you getting up everyday and taking time out to give thanks for what really matters to you?
Are you dwelling more on the positive and less on the negative?
Are you looking for ways to embrace the joy of being a human being with a life to live?
Are you helping someone else to live their best life??

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Tally Green said...

Thank you for this article. I agree with what you are saying here 100%. I am asking myself some of these questions. So many times we get caught up in the material possessions. What I am understanding is that this life is temporary here on this earth. When we go home to be with our Father none of the things we have are going with us. We need to work on making a difference everyday we are on this earth.