02 August 2009

Quality of Life

This morning while doing some laundry, I was throwing some beach/pool towels into the machine, some towels that I have washed about 3 times in the past 3 days because we went to the swim club 3 days in a row. I thought about how great they were retaining their color, plushness and not a thread was out of place. A good towel is important since you want it to dry you well. A few good towels is better than a ton of bad quality towels.

Over the years, with the various changes in my life, I have adjusted my spending in various ways, constantly changing my habits. There were a great many years that I was much the "snob" when it came to my tastes, where everything had to be expensive, designer labels, and that made me feel good about how I spent my money. I later started to become sensible about how much stuff I really needed, and where it made sense to make the investment and where it really did not matter. Like with a white t-shirt, or sneakers for the children (with their ever growing feet).

It's been a learning experience,and I can say that today, I can clearly look at where I foolishly wasted money and think, "never again," and other things, I look at and think, "that was the best investment I ever made."

The towels were a good investment. They were not overly expensive, but I remember taking the time to evaluate the towels and saying to myself, "I love the color, I love the quality... I believe these towels will last."

I have other things that I value in the same way:

My P90X DVDs - best home "get into gym shape" fitness program -- 12 DVDs...Bamm!
My Subaru - a practical, great quality car!
My Incline (50%) treadmill - it's the next best thing to going outside to run
My elliptical machine - a 40th b'day gift I gave to my ex-hub 7 1/2 yrs ago (hub at the time) ..he never used it..great! -- It's mine, mine... all mine!
My Jack LaLanne juicer - Yum!
My sewing machine - I can sew, or just mend anything, and so, I don't throw out many things!
My Ipod - music is beautiful!( I lent it to a friend last weekend for her hubby's 50th surprise party-I love making playlists for everything...working out, parties, seniors, the kids...)
My All Clad pots - cooks the best dishes in those pots and they will live forever!
My vitamins - always!
A few swim suits - don't machine wash them, lay to dry - they were not cheap
2 pairs of jeans (out of perhaps 30) - I will patch them and repair them when necessary!
2 watches that I have had for almost 20 yrs
1 beachbag that I have had for more than 15 yrs - washable, colorful, huge! - I pull it out every summer!
2 Coach weekend travel bags from my sister -- beautiful, plain, sensible big bags
My patio furniture - had it 10 yrs now -- I clean it up, store it well, and it looks amazing still!

............ and My willingness to keep learning, growing and adjusting....!

These things have stood the test of time, some obviously a lot longer than others. I know that if I could not go out and buy anything again, I would be ok with what I have.

Love is all that matters! Feeling healthy throughout is priceless!

Being grateful for this beautiful earth, and beautiful friends and family is priceless!

I love the sunny days and the rainy days.

Just getting up each and everyday able to breathe and enjoy life --- nothing can replace that!

Living Life is the BEST!

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