27 March 2009


Hello, I am finally in the blogging world. I am so excited. This world was surely meant for me because I have been blogging throughout my entire life, just in a different setting. I loved writing as far back as I can remember, writing book reports, stories, love letters to boys I liked (that was so much fun), and long essay papers for school. I wrote about everything and even had many diaries which were destroyed in an effort to dissolve the past. Either way, it was all part of the process of transferring thoughts of all types onto paper and it was incredibly satisfying. Here we are years later (how many years later? -- don't ask) and I still enjoy mind to paper, or perhaps I should say, mind to screen exercises! Before I became the skilled typist that I am now, I also took great pride in showing off my lovely handwriting.

I shall try to come here as frequently as possible to share away to my heart's content since it's one of things I do best. Whenever I find out something wonderful, I can not keep it to myself, I have to let the world in on my discovery. If there are times that my "share" is nothing earth shattering, just move on to the next post and enjoy the future readings! A great saying to keep in the back of the mind is, "everything is not for everybody!" My motivation is to inspire and uplift, and truly avoid conversations that are debilitating and toxic because I see no need for us to be saddened any further. In an effort to pull your emotion strings, I do like to share some events that happen with my children which everyone knows has the ability to drag you around on an emotional rollercoaster. The end result will bring us back to goodness! Laughter is a must!

In between my lovely postings, I will be sharing my practice photog, such as the photo at the top of this post! I figured we can all follow my journey from being a very amateur photographer, to becoming a highly skilled professional photographer... however long that will take !

Feel good and Live well... or is it, Live good and Feel well ???? Do both in whatever order is comfortable for you!


Jacquie said...

I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

Jacquie said...

Ha ha ha!