28 March 2009


Remember that acronym from grade school? Keep it Simple Stupid, or more politically correct Keep it Short and Simple, it's still relevant after all these years. How possible is this in light of the new generational "dictionary" of texting codes? Communication ease is intimidating to say the least. Get back to basics!

Many of us try to bite off more than we can chew in an effort to live up to the expectations of some contrived image that we mistakenly believe we should emulate. The goal to strive for is the true goal that you aspire for, not someone else's blueprint. We are taught to be "planners" and follow a list of guidelines or suggestions on how to live our life. Do this! Do that! Don't do this! Don't do that! The end result for many is constant roadblocks and disappointment, and most of all huge dissatisfaction. There is that wavering feeling of failure and it can linger for years. How does the true success unfold to give a sense of hope?

Kissing is a almost a thing of the past when you consider the ideology of today's 21st century mindset. It's become an old-fashioned, passe activity that is constantly bypassed in an effort to get to the "prize." It can't be avoided though because it's the foundation that leads to learning about the simple values we have and what we will strive for!

There are no rules on how to
KISS other than realizing that your life gives you many hints on a daily basis. The short and simple is accepting truth, embracing the fact that each day your life sends you the messages and the answers. You should heed to those messages and realize they lead to something more... for YOU. There are no mysteries and no one is trying to make your life difficult. Simply avoid the negative, avoid the people and the things that try to drag you down or just divert you from whatever it is you need. Even in the midst of an unwanted mishap, you can choose to remember what your goal was for that day, and manuever around those little obstacles that are just playing with your mind.

Try it for a day and see what you come up with! Get up in the morning, and say to yourself, "
today I plan to KISS with purpose!" Toss aside that daily need to get drawn into worry, or someone else's plan that does not fit with your desires, and make one step toward a positive goal that is purposeful for your own good. At the end of the day, reflect on how you kissed, and you should have a feeling of satisfaction which will give you encouragement to do more kissing the next day!

Here is an example of how I will
KISS today!

I will be off this computer as soon as I finish this post, and get on with a great workout which will indeed set my mood for the day... a GREAT mood! Me! I come first!

From there, I will shower, do my hair up nicely, shower and groom my lovely daughter and we will attend the "Girl Scouts Mother/Daughter Brunch" and have a lovely time.

I fully accept the fact that in between all of that positive activity, my daughter, others, and unforeseen happenings, will try to sidetrack me and redirect my focus for today, BUT, I don't care. My goal is to head through the tunnel of uncertainty on this day, and come out of the other end, knowning that I still have me, my state of mind, my loves (my children and my desires), in tact.

Here's to great

It was a lovely breakfast! Girls everywhere, dancing, running, laughing...doing what girls do best! Let us never forget that!

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