31 March 2009

Mind and Body travel with you everywhere

No matter what you do and where you go, you have to take your mind and body with you. Whether your life is great or you are experiencing challenges, your journey will always include your mind and body.

Take time out of your 24 hr day to do something uplifting and enriching for your mind and body.

It does not matter what size you are, you truly need a sound mind and body.

Consider this:

Out of a 24 hr day, is it really too much to invest 1 hr a day to exercise your body, and have moments to reflect on how to manage stress and enrich your mind?

If the answer is YES, now consider this:

If you have put off taking care of yourself for so long (tomorrow, I plan to, next week, soon...) and suddenly get very sick or overly stressed, how much time do you think it will take to get well and happy???

Don't wait for something to happen.....

The key investment anyone can make, is to investment in themselves first! That will truly give you the biggest payoff for years to come!

1 comment:

Rosa Mora said...

You've got me going!!! Thanks!!! Does not seem like a whole lot of work when you break it down. :)