01 December 2009

What's new pussycat?

Woh...oh..oh...oh! December 1st and we start the count down to Christmas and the New Year... Woah! People are starting to make up their New Year's resolution lists, making those promises yet again for the coming new year about all the changes they want in their lives.   They say a cat has nine lives, and we only have one life.  Perhaps we can make our one life... nine times more meaningful? 

Are you dreaming about a new, better and different 2010? Is that what you have in your future plans?  How about something NEW this time around?  Something different from the same old script that seems to be boring and repetitive.  Are you waiting on the economy to pick up?  A miraculous desired raise in salary?  A dreamy vacation?   These wonderful things that we all desire may not be in our control to receive right away, but we can foster some daily joys until they happen. 

How about we try to make some NEW plans and goals.... NOW!  Give yourself, the loves of your life, and the people you associate with a GIFT from NOW.   You don't need money, or credit cards or wrapping paper and it's a gift that has unlimited value .... sky's the limit!

We have all been hearing about "Pay It Forward," and it is being practiced a lot in the business arena, but I urge you to try this idea in your life and relationships.   Instead of making a long list of what you will buy for people (well, for some of you, you may still feel inclined to make the shopping list -- don't forget me :), make a list of what you will DO for someone(s) everyday...... AT LEAST until January 1st.   Anyone.  A friend, a family member, a stranger.   Let them know, or do it anonymously. 

Think about who you see everyday in need. Think about who is in need.   Even think about who is not in need of something, but may just need to hear your voice.  Who have you not called in a long time.  At least once a day, DO SOMETHING GOOD for someone, somewhere,  and it does not matter what you do, just that you believe in your heart that it will warm someone's heart.   

The reward you will feel doing this NEW and different thing in your life, NOW, at this time, will be the most fulfilling present you will ever give to yourself and to others.   Tell your children what you are doing and include them.  Maybe you have not been spending enough time just enjoying your children -- change it ... TODAY.  Remind them daily too about trying to be thoughtful each day. 

AND.... you must do something GOOD for yourself in the process.   Go for extra walks, exercise, meditate, sing a song, eat extra healthy foods in between, drink extra water, read something wholesome and uplifting.... GIFT YOURSELF in a new and different way that does not entail spending tons of money. You deserve it! 

We have a purpose in this world that is far beyond just working and buying wonderful things for ourselves and others.  We have the capacity to show what is deep inside of our heart. 

I believe this exercise can produce a NEW and BETTER you BEFORE January 2010.   A you that will be better able to carry out your resolutions! 

With TONS of LOVE!

Me :)

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