01 July 2010

Trials for Victory

As some already know, it was my dear friend on Facebook, Rochelle, who asked me to do Beachbody's Insanity 60-Day Challenge with her as she had just successfully completed P90X for the first time by the end of May.  We are currently on Day 25 of Insanity and it is an amazing experience, though very challenging!

After P90X, Rochelle immediately enjoyed a huge sense of accomplishment and a desire to dig deep in a different direction to see what new possibilities were out there for her health journey. She is also an avid cyclist and does long bike rides once or twice a week. She has done about 3 or 4 lengthy bike rides (20-50 miles) over the past few weekends and attributes her improved riding to her Insanity training and she will be put to the test of all tests, next weekend, when she WILL do her first ever, 100 mile bike ride. She is trusting in the "training" and realizing that she is more than capable when she goes out to ride. I see victory and ease for her on the day of her 100 miler! She is not overtraining (truly sticking to the Insanity program and only riding once or so a week) and she is eating very healthy in the process. This Insanity Trial is really working for her.

We chat daily about our little accomplishments, likes, dislikes, and of course, our challenges. There will always be challenges despite the fact that some people are good about "acting" like it is so easy. It is not so easy, for various reasons, and we have to remember that we are mere human beings. Human beings with desires, temptations, a will that changes like the weather at times, and just simple needs.

All of this came to mind this morning as I set out to prepare breakfast for my children (ages 8 and 11). I did Cardio Recovery (from Insanity) while they slept and then I thought to make them pancakes for breakfast, pancakes filled with some fruit of some kind. This is my normal morning routine, I look in all the cupboards and the refrigerators to see what I have. What needs to be used up, and what would be healthy at the same time. I then quickly create a meal in my mind. The fruit was not overly ripe and so I would rather save it for them to eat whole, as is. So I change my mind about the pancakes.

I honestly do this constant changing daily with different meals for the day. What to cook? What to prepare? What to eat? What should we eat? Actually what should I eat... and what should they eat? Most of the time, my meal is slightly or drastically altered from theirs. Even with the best of intentions, however, planning, scheduling, writing it out, your desires will truly grip your mind and point you in another direction and sometimes it is truly NOT the direction you want to go in.

You look at the clock and you start to feel pressured. Make up your mind! What are you going to prepare to eat? Hurry up! It's getting late.

I envisioned all sorts of things, not for the children, but for me. I started to dream up desires for all sorts of different things for breakfast. I even considered having lunch for breakfast ... a salad? A steak? Why not the usual shake? I don't know. I figured I can have a shake later in the morning, or for lunch. Why do I have to stick to the "routine?" I also considered that I have a lot of veggies that need to be used up. I considered the leftover carcass of a roasted organic chicken. Stretch it meals!

Ok. I had to take my mind off of me for a bit and get back to the children because now I was hearing cries from the background, "Mommmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy, I'm hungry!!!" Ooops. Right. I forgot, I have to feed them. They are children and they can eat all the yummy, fattening breakfasty foods right??

No, that is not true. Just because they are children, does NOT mean they should eat "nutrition-LESS" meals, especially to start the day. So I gathered up some stuff and placed it on the counter. The leftover chicken (breast meat only), some lightly steamed kale from the day before, fresh broccoli, some red onions, and organic eggs. I yelled to the children, "How does a chicken veggie omelette sounds for breakfast?" Nia replied, "Sounds yummy and can I have a little cheese on mine?" Sure why not!

It appealed to me, it appealed to them, and so it was to be made. It encompassed all those tempting thoughts I had about eating dinner for breakfast, some hot, something tasty, something complex.... but something healthy. I made just enough for the two of them, with a tiny bit to taste myself. I tasted it, and I was satisfied. I had just enough to please my palate and most of all, to please me that the children were having something healthy, exciting and tasty for breakfast.

Now back to my shake for me. I need my shake. I feel fulfilled.

Many times the temptations we have for certain things can be addressed in clever ways. Sometimes you just want a taste. Consider that all of that nonsense with my mind playing tricks and a lot of indecision only lasted about 15-20 minutes. Lesson learned, don't be quick to give into temptations that may lead you off the path of the journey you have intentions to see through.

Sometimes it is our lifestyles, families, careers, that have us making quick, unhealthy decisions about what to eat, and we keep it as our "go-to" excuse like it's a pass. Getting a "pass" because of the circumstances will leave you constantly struggling and battling to get it right. It's important to learn (a) what to shop for so that you make the right decisions MOST of the time, (b) how to get clever and win your mind over about what you WILL feed your body.

I always feel fulfilled with my shake and I sometimes forget that when I get caught up in "thoughts" and "desires" about food. And I also get caught up with wanting to bask in the delight of "dining" with my children. Me tasting the foods and conveying that to the children was enough for them. They were truly delighted that they had a lovely breakfast made by Mommy!

Just gotta keep trying to resist the (distorted) temptations!

Back to Rochelle....and her upcoming 100 mile bike ride, and our life's daily challenges to make healthy choices. It will be a victory as long as you continue to believe in yourself, believe in your efforts!

Coach Jacquie

TIP: If you have a buddy you work with, or someone you live with and you share similar likes when it comes to food, consider a great way to cut back on the amount you eat.


Instead of ordering 2 separate omelettes, order one, and cut it in half and then get some fruit.

At home, instead of preparing double quantities, prepare one quantity, split it and saute some quick veggies for the side.

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