26 April 2010

Spring Cleaning the Children

Many of us are in the midst of or just about finished with the spring cleaning of our homes, businesses, bodies, and more.  It suddenly dawned on me that just as adults take this time of year to renew their health programs in an effort to be "summer" ready, as a parent, I should take specific measures to tweak and improve the health of my children so that they can be summer ready too!

Seems that allergy season is upon us early and hard when you consider that Spring jumped on us earlier than normal with the unseasonably warm weather we had at the end of March.

I also remembered that this was the first year in about 6 years that both of my children were not participating in a sport for the Spring season.   Both decided that they wanted to take a pass on softball and baseball and I was very ok with it particularly since I don't want to force my children to do too many things.  I do force them to do certain things and I feel it is good to allow them the right to pass on a few things.

I noticed that my son's face was looking a bit puffy and realized that the lack of extra sports activity (and even the stress of keeping up with the schedule) was probably beginning to show on him.  He intends to play summer basketball and so I realized that it is my job as a parent to keep my child active, fit and ready to take up the new activity by the end of June.  My son needs spring cleaning! 

Last night I briefly discussed with my ex-husband that we should concentrate on Miles' diet and make sure he is eating foods that will benefit his body, keep the allergies at bay and energize him!  This morning my son and daughter were happy to hear that I decided to start a new exercise program with them today after school.  They see that I work with and help other people and they feel very special that I will now work with them as if they are a client! We will incorporate bits and pieces from my many Beachbody workouts (might as well use my great knowledge as a Beachbody Coach) especially P90X.   Many parents who coach various sports have incorporated workouts like Plyometrics and YogaX from P90X into their children's practices and many have reported that it has enhanced the player's abilities.

Recently my soon to be 8 year old daughter discovered my Aero Jump speed rope and she practices almost every single day.  Jumping rope is a great exercise for kids and an all over fantastic aerobic conditioning exercise.   I remember jumping rope as a child and I still enjoy doing it today.  

This afternoon my children will undergo the 1st session of what I hope to be a 10 week program of "Mommy Conditioning" spring cleaning for the body!  Not only will I have daily exercise sessions with them (probably about 30 minutes or so in duration), but we will also have short 5-10 min discussions daily about the foods they eat and how they help their bodies and mind to be strong and healthy.   This I believe is important as it will get them to understand and later make wise choices about what to do to stay as healthy as possible as they become more mature and independent. 

In 10 weeks, the temperatures will be soaring and I hope to have 2 very fit, healthy children all cleaned up and ready to endure whatever the summer has in store for them!

Here's to healthy, happy fit children!

Coach Mommy! 

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