22 February 2010

Which obsession do you choose?

The word obsession is sometimes used obsessively, particularly when it pertains to something a person does on a regular basis.  If you do something healthy on a regular basis, it is probably better to refer to that behavior as a "good habit," as opposed to the true definition of obsession, which means to be irrationally compulsive. 

Over the years, I remember hearing people referring to people who regularly eat healthy and work out daily as being, "obsessed" with themselves.   I can even remember hearing such a term from people close to me, and especially at times when I would remain dedicated to my program, or train for something very challenging like a marathon.   These "people" would even go a step further and tell these dedicated individuals, "hey when all your obsessive training is over and done with, let me know so that we can hang out."  Misery loves company eh?? 

And just what were these non-obsessive people doing with their time?  Many of them were living what they believed to be a "normal" life, eating and indulging in everything regular, normal, common, something that "obsessive" health fanatics work against.   So I started to think about these labels we put on various groups of people, and I realized that being inaccurately labeled was not a nice thing at all, and perhaps it contributes to the reasons why the non-obsessive people resist the idea of getting on a health program.   Perhaps it's just an excuse, "I don't want to be like those obsessive people."

My thoughts are, for the sake of this blog, that I will look at 2 groups of people:

1.  The group of people that realize that health is a priority, and requires that you eat as healthy as possible, exercise, and try to maintain balance in life.  These people explore ways to effectively manage stress, combat illnesses, avoid medications, rise daily with gratitude in their heart because they are able to go through their day dedicated to whomever and whatever they do in life feeling great!  They may not live perfect lives, but they have pretty good to very good health which enables them to better deal with life's challenges. 

2.  The group of people who don't prioritize health, and require medications, extra time off, days to recuperate from illness, time-outs for depression, sadness, doctor's appointments, complaints, problems, setbacks.   These people find themselves on a merry-go-round, constantly dealing with the same issues.  They tend to talk a lot about their health issues, health issues in their family, and they don't quickly realize that NOW is the time to reform and become a member of Group #1.

Well perhaps both groups are obsessed.  Some people call on the need for an in-between group, a group that "somewhat" addresses their health, but still lives life to the fullest.   This is interesting.  Live life to the fullest?  Again, another strange concept designed to make people feel more comfortable about possibly abusing their health??? 

We all need to rethink HOW we think when it comes to critiquing people who DO address their health.  We must stop labeling people and start to simplify what is necessary to live a healthy, happy life.  It starts with SELF.   Look in the mirror and acknowledge what changes need to be made.  If you ache, have ailments, take medications, have serious health issues in your family, there is no middle ground.  If you have issues, you must deal with them seriously.  Once you have done that, it is time to figure out how to go about making necessary changes.   Find someone, who is truly knowledgeable, who will SERIOUSLY help you to make your changes.  Stay away from the people who may not have your true HEALTH concerns in mind.   Stay away from the people who will have new names for your new choice about your life. 

Once you embark on a program that will be ideal for your health needs, you will start to learn what is important and necessary for you.  You may come to realize that you must totally change your ways.  You may come to realize you need to workout 5 or 7 days a week.  You may come to realize that you need to meditate.  You may come to realize that you need something that you don't have now.  It's not about what people think, what people say, what people label you as, but more so about you coming to realize that choosing to be healthy is the ONLY CHOICE! 

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