05 October 2009

Whole Living

What does it mean to be healthy? ... and...
What does it mean to be alive?  

Many people are disllusioned by what is the meaning of true HEALTH and what it means to be ALIVE.  Let's start with what it means to be ALIVE.   Being alive means being able to enjoy health and vigor of mind, body and spirit. 

To have VIGOR is to have the capacity for strength, intention, doing,sustaining an activity.  Oh, there goes another key word, "ACTIVE," and the definition of ACTIVE, is an act of doing something or causing something to happen.  ACTIVE actually has a broader meaning because it is not only about physical activity, but also about the underlying meaning of HEALTH, which includes having a positive functioning mind, and an upbeat spirit.

No matter what is going on in the world at large, your first priority should go to LIVING with good HEALTH on all levels -- mind, body and spirit, which means achieving a BALANCE.  I am writing this blog because I am disturbed by the choices of some people who do not seem to realize that just eating healthy FOOD will not enable them to be HEALTHY at all.  You don't get a second chance to do it over.  Now is the time to stop and think about what is not right, FIX it, and LIVE out the best life you can. 

A person could have the most amazing nutrition program filled with all the best organic, natural wholesome foods and still be the most TOXIC, negative, unhealthy, unhappy person walking around daily.  I happen to know a few people like that, one being a very healthy woman who could truly call herself (though she is not) a "nutritionist," because of her wealth of knowledge about foods, and her commitment to her diet.  She is one to be admired for her diligence to "clean" eating, but you can not admire her beyond that when she starts to talk.

We have a choice in life to REFUSE to live in a self-induced mental prison that has us focused on all the bad in the world.   In that prison, there is a continuous breaking down of the mind and spirit that causes the person to become blind about what TRUE LIVING is about. They don't have the capacity to feel gratitude, love, compassion, grace, or the desire to even seek help.  They criticize everyone and everything around them, and do it so much that they come to believe in a FALSE sense of reality.  They don't see any beauty in the world, and they don't believe that GOOD does indeed exists.  They don't realize that they have a LIFE that has a purpose and it is to find JOY and help others to find their JOY too.

If a person's spirit is broken, it needs to be fixed.  It needs a new form of exercise, nutrition and habits to get it to be HEALTHY again.  It does not matter if it was broken for a long time, the key is to get it fixed so that the person can START living and appreciating TRUE health and goodness.

Something horrible happened to the person who decides that they want to live with a toxic negative mind, resisting love, and resisting love from others.  Can we figure out how to get them healthy ?  They need to know that they are not healthy until it's fixed. 

Whole Living is about taking care of the mind, body and spirit.   Exercise helps on all levels, nutrition helps on all levels..... getting help ... HELPS.   Wanting to be WHOLE is a good thing.  Wanting to be unhappy, negative and resistant to LIFE and all it has to offer is unhealthy. 

Throughout life, we all should strive to be active as it is the best way to feel ALIVE.   You need an active brain, an active spirit, and ACTIVITY to maintain a healthy life, which includes fitness, working at home, working at work, interacting with loved ones and finding other fulfilling things to do.

Once you slow down, everything slows down.

This brings to mind my thoughts about both of my GRANDMOTHERS.  Two women with BIG HEARTS.  One is 92, and went to church on Saturday and she has a great spirit, loves seeing people.  Over the years, she inspired others, helped many, and brought great joy to the hearts of many, along with her amazing talents in sewing, cooking, singing, and reciting many stories and poems  -- and still to this day! 

My other grandmother is not quite 90 yet, but she too has amassed many decades of GREAT loving, giving, energy, and dedication to all those around her.  Over my lifetime, I can't say that every single day both of these women "climbed mountains" and displayed perfection, but I can say, they BOTH kept their WILL to be VIGOROUS throughout!

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