02 October 2009

My Love Life

Is still a slightly sensitive topic of interest for my children, and I am very comfortable with that.  I certainly do not intend to introduce them to one man or various men at this stage of their lives since it's very obvious that they are still coping with the divorce. 

Due to them NOT having any knowledge about whether or not I have a love life, in their minds, they think that I do NOT, plain and simple.   We discussed this earlier this year here at good ol'  "Sync in..." when I blogged about how my son told me that I will never ever get married again (April 3, 2009, "Miles andMoments").  He said it bluntly with all the love in his heart and meant it.  If you recall, he told me that my "Elizabeth Taylor/Cindy Crawford" mole at the side of my mouth will scare men off!  This I am sure he said to make me feel hopeless ... LOL!  He is so wise. 

A few months have passed since that endearing conversation, and guess what?   NOTHING HAS CHANGED ...

How do I know this?  I certainly did not purposely bring up the subject today but as "life" would have it, it did indeed rise to the surface all on it's own.  Lucky me.  Well, cease the opportunity, right?

The three of us were walking from school today and my darling son was mumbling something and I thought he said "date," and so I made a joke and I said, "I need a date!"

He replied, "NO WAY!!  You are not dating anyone!"

So I asked him, "still you say this?  ....Why? .... I am allowed to date you know."  I told my handsome little man that I could be dating right now and if so, what then?  And we continued to drive to the house. 

Nia never really touches on the subject which has me believing that she just does not know what to think of the whole thing, but she is not totally against the idea.  

As I pulled into our driveway, she yelled out, "Mommy, you should start a website called, 'WHY NOT DATE ME.COM'...You could probably get lots of dates that way."

I could not stop laughing.   I certainly do not think it is appropriate for me to discuss "dating" with my 7 and 10 year old, but skimming the surface to see what is on their minds seems totally healthy and certainly entertaining.   They still believe I am not dating and not in love with anyone, and that is MORE THAN OK with me, and it's good to know we can engage in these refreshing conversations from time to time. 

They are little people with big thoughts and I love to hear them!

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