20 October 2009

A matter of necessity

As I am typing this, I just heard a quote which states, "when people show you who they are, believe them... the first time."  That is from Maya Angelou, and this wonderful quote carries over to what good caring people will say to you when they are telling you about the state of your health.   There is very little room for argument if you are not treating your body well.

It almost seems like people are complacent with the idea of "having a medical issue," as if it is a "normal"occurrence in the unveiling of their lives, perhaps because it runs in the family, or perhaps because they are surrounded by people who echo the same or similar issues on a regular basis.  There is a silent "high fiving" going on amongst people with illnesses.  Submitting to the statistics and choosing to believe that "this is normal," is NOT normal, and is very untrue about how a person's health journey can go.  

It does not matter if certain issues run in your family, you do indeed have the ability to choose a different road.  I can also state that I have come to realize that many people do not intentionally choose to neglect their health in an effort to continue the "norm" of what is in their families, but they subconsciously live out their lives in such a fashion and it manifests in the end. 

A family of 5 sisters, in which 4 are obese.  A family of 9 siblings, and 5 have diabetes, 3 have high blood pressure, 7 have high cholesterol, 2 have cancer, Mom had cancer.   People walk around sharing these familial statistics as if they are "surrending" to some false notion that they too will inevitably contract one or more of these illnesses.

You have a choice, you really do.   It takes a sacrifice.   People sacrifice all sorts of things throughout their lifetimes to achieve what is most important to them, but it seems that often times, they won't make the necessary sacrifices for their HEALTH.   Well, without decent health, all the other sacrifices that you make will be meaningless BEFORE you know it.

The Surgeon General staes that EVERY single person should walk 5 miles A DAY -- A DAY.  Not twice a week, not 3 times a week.... EVERYDAY.  Professional health experts will tell you that EXERCISE is a priority for everyone.   Ideal health and fitness can only be achieved by having a healthy diet and exercise.  Exercise should be a FULL BODY program to enhance the entire body to be at it's best fighting condition, to fight disesase, fat, weight gain, stress and other toxic invaders.

When you sacrifice health, all else that you are working so hard for, could suddenly be put on hold if you end up with a serious illness, having to take medications, and not being able to do certain things.

The true statistics about the American population is that 2/3 of the population is overweight.  Can you put that in true perspective?   Of that 2/3, 50% of the American people are OBESE.

The National Institute of Health reports that 84% of ALL medical claims -- let me repeat -- 84% of all medical claims, are the direct result of a lack of exercise.

Much of the people who are getting sick and running to their doctors, it seems, could have tried to AVOID this completely had they chosen to address their diet and their exercise needs.   It's a matter of necessity.

You can sit around and tell the world how you postpone getting into the better health because you are busy with your job, with your children, etc.., but the only conversation that will ultimately RESONATE will be the conversation you (a) have with yourself when you are not well, and (b) you have with your physician when you are being prescribed with certain medications.

It seems that very few people are following up with the Surgeon General's suggestion to walk 5 miles a day, and again that is because we have some excuses that can't be helped.  Many people complain that they can not get out because of the weather, lack of sidewalks, type of neighborhood.... These things deter people from being able to stay true to their workout program.

Other people seem to be worried about how they look if they join a gym, or if they are walking around the neighborhood.  Again, a very unimportant excuse to not exercise.   What you look like when you are trying to IMPROVE your HEALTH, does NOT matter.   Keep doing what you have to do!

Men--- prostrate cancer is enhanced by high fat diets and obesity.  So why not try to avoid Prostrate Cancer?

The resounding question in this tough economy is, how can people afford to eat healthier foods when they are losing their jobs, getting pay cuts, or not getting any raises?  The better question is, "Can you afford to get sick?"   "Can you afford to get very sick, stay in a hospital, and then deal with surmounting health bills?"  "Can you afford the time that you will be unable to live, function in your family, function on your job?"

You are NOT a hero if you neglect your health and then have to walk around and tell the world about your illnesss that came about because of years of neglecting your health.  Sorry, but that is no way to become a hero. 

Child obesity is the alarming epidemic right now.  It has QUADRUPLED in the past 25 years, and so, WHERE ARE WE HEADED?   We, adults, parents, etc., have to assume the responsibility to save our children from OBESITY.   It is our job.  It's not about looking and being overweight  -- a very superficial thought in most people's mind... it's more about being overweight and being significantly prone to major health illnesses.  

Whatever happens with healthcare reform will happen.  People need to address their health right now and always.  Take control.  Exercise, eat right and make a choice to NOT continue the family history.  It can be done.  It's a necessity.

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Leah said...

Great blog. I have lost 85 pounds since January and it's liberating physically and mentally even emotionally! Keep up the posting. I'll be sure to be reading.