16 October 2009


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. ~ Helen Keller

Woulda-shoulda-coulda.....how many of us have uttered one or all of those words at one time, or many times in our lives? Missed opportunities. Missed events. Missed occasions. Missed memories. Missed relationships.

Even the little things we choose to do or not do in a given day can make all the difference in the world.

This morning, I thought about how I felt when I started my workout at 5:30 a.m. I was not so eager to do it, but I realized that the time was perfect since the children were sleeping and I had NOT one single excuse to not do it. I had no reason to DENY myself ONE SINGLE HOUR to do something good for my mind, body and soul. Finish by 6:30, the day is open for all else I have to do... so truly NO EXCUSES. I jumped right in and got it going and within 10 minutes I was so happy that I did not HESITATE to workout.

I thought about how we do this and why? We are sitting around worrying about problems, worrying about what we have to do, what we don't have, how bills are piling up, the disagreement that was had the night with someone, all the housework, the weather, the upcoming holidays.......

But none of those things remotely matter for ONE HOUR out of your day. An hour that can truly prove to enhance your ability to better deal with all the above mentioned issues. You have to stop and say, "I need this for myself so that I can feel better. I need to feel healthy, energetic, optimistic, clearer, more focused."

When you hesitate you fall into the TRAP of never being able to address your needs and desires FIRST. You fall into a false belief that everything else is more important, but while you are hesitating, what are you TRULY accomplishing? What do you have to show for your choice to hesitate?

When we hesitate, we give away time that we will never get back. To hesitate is to doubt, to act unwillingly, to pause...to waste time..

We hear the "little birdie" talking to us. We have an intuition, or a "feeling" about something. Go with your GUT! That's a good one.

Is it really your conscious sensible "gut" feeling talking to you telling you not to take care of yourself?? Can you truly believe such a thing would be true?

Everyone's life does not have to be a daring adventure because that may be undesirable, or simply unattainable for many people, but it should be somewhat of an adventure, something that makes you go a bit beyond just living, breathing and doing the same mundane things day in and day out.

Love should be part of the journey for all of us which encompasses at least one other somebody that you share with -- share time, love, feelings, experiences. And LOVE should be what you have for yourself throughout.

Is something preventing you from loving yourself? Before you can love others, you have to love yourself. Loving yourself means taking care of yourself. When you are able to take good care of yourself, you are then able to take good care of others. You are strong enough to lend that helping hand to someone else.

Moments of hesitation are not bad -- we are all entitled to those days when we make a choice and say, "I think I will sit this one out," knowing that you put good effort in prior to that decision and you WILL come back tomorrow and get back on track.

The problems, the work, the people , the "stuff"--- will all be there waiting for you AFTER you WILLINGLY take that time out for yourself... a small amount of time out of each day to do something VALUABLE for YOU.

Don't hesitate -- your life is passing you by.

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