05 October 2009

Dear Diary

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.~ Jim Rohn

Dear Diary, 

Saturday night I was up rather late and I dreaded the thought about how I would feel on Sunday because I knew I had a full day planned to workout and tend to many different things.   I really could not detach myself from what I was doing so I can not say that I felt guilty, but I started to feel like Sunday would not be as purposeful of a day for me.  

I opened my eyes sometime after 7 a.m. on Sunday and thought, "ok, I got over 6 hours sleep, I should be ok."  No need to overly analyze exactly how I was feeling physically because I just know that I will not get a clear reading until I am up and walking around for at least 15 minutes.  I certainly had no intentions of trying to sabotage myself so early in the day either!!!

I followed my normal routine, coffee, computer, tv, open windows, started some laundry (that endless laundry which is like a stubborn rash!), and then I logged onto my "Team Beachbody" website to enter the SuperGym and get my workout underway.  I was not even supposed to workout yesterday because it was a "rest" day on my P90X schedule (Day 41),  but I decided to go against the schedule because (1) I felt good and in need of some sweating (2) I wanted to.  

I had a great 3 mile run and some great toning exercises thereafter, and then I went about my day to do all that I had to do.  I decided on Friday that I would tweak my nutrition habits a bit just to see what would happen over the next few weeks, so I prepared a Brussel Sprout and Kale soup, which was quick and came out amazingly delicious and nutritious, along with a lovely Jamaican Jerk roasted salmon.   I enjoyed eating this creation as I knew it would do wonders for my body with all it's goodness.   

But Diary, do you know what happened a little later?   While in the midst of running around, doing, going, going and doing, etc., I got tired.   Noticeably tired.   Well, I did not bother to get upset and I did not try to fight it.  Instead, I took a one hour nap and felt amazing thereafter and then I resumed my activities for the day.  The body and mind just needed a little "time-out."

Good health requires different things on different days and it all comes back to balance.  The human body needs exercise, good nutrition and lots of rest in between.  Resting ties up all the loose ends and keeps you able and strong.   Exercising and eating right are essential, but those two by themselves can not enable you to be ideal.  

Diary, I just love the fact that I listened to my body yesterday because TODAY I feel great!  It's one thing to PLAN to take a nap during the day because you want to just have a lazy day, but it's another to ANSWER a call your body is making to you!!!! 

See you tomorrow! 

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