14 October 2009

Belly bumpin' and runnin'

It came to me in a dream....... LOL!  While working out this morning, a pregnancy memory came back to me that I wanted to share.   During my pregnancies, I worked out for the entire 9 months with both pregnancies with my doctor's approval.  I love my obstetrician, a truly dedicated doctor, and he would say to me, "Well, as long as you feel fine, go ahead."  He also told me about one of his other patients who did rock climbing for a while during her pregnancy.  When I heard that, I knew I could continue going to the gym everyday!

Let me just repeat that all pregnant women should get their doctor's approval if they want to work out while pregnant.  I have met many women who went into a bit of a panic when they found out they were pregnant and wanted to START a workout program thereafter.  This is much like putting the cart before the horse... wrong order!   If you are in the child-bearing years, I urge each and every woman to include a workout program as part of her lifestyle prior to pregnancy, and this will make the transition before, during and after pregnancy so much easier.

With my first pregnancy, I was running a lot and did so about 5 days a week up until my 7th month when I had to take a time-out due to a cold that I caught around December 1998.  I also did some outdoor biking up until month 4 and the only reason why I stopped that is because I was afraid of falling off my bike :)!!  With the growing belly pressing into my diaphragm by December, and the labored breathing with the cold, I just could not sustain a decent jog anymore, but that did NOT deter me from continuing with my workout.   M-O-D-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N!   That was all that was necessary to keep my pregnancy fit program going.  I took to more walking, doing the elliptical training and continued with light strength training.

I loved my pregnancy!!!  I was determined to be a very healthy, fit, and "hands on" mother.   No!!.... I had no clue about what it would be like to have a baby to take care of but I was walking into the situation bright-eyed, STRONG, HEALTHY and determined to do my best.   After about 18 hours of non-progressive labor, I had a c-section and had my lovely, handsome 8lb. 8oz. son!   He was very demanding but I managed to walk on the treadmill at home a few times a week until returning to work 3 1/2 months later down about 15 lbs.  He was born in February and so it was very cold!  I went back to the gym on the exact DAY that I  returned to work, and got back to my 6 day a week workout routine immediately.  The last 10 lbs fell off and I was back to myself a few months after that!!!

My pregnancy with Nia was about the same but I did not run as much with her.  I had some strange pelvic discomfort (it would be especially apparent after sitting for a long while and then trying to stand up) that set in around month 6 so I did more elliptical training and strength training this time around.  My nutrition was very important to me with both pregancies.  I ate 3 big meals a day and had a couple snacks in between.  I did not have any cravings for anything fattening, but I loved my spicy foods.   I would enjoy weekly Mexican lunches and lovely big fat pasta dishes!!  Lots of calcium, lots of WATER, and my prenatal supplements that I bought from the vitamin store!!!  No I did not take the supplements that the doctor would prescribe, but he knew that I was taking a GREAT supplement in it's place!!

My doctor was going out of town on Nia's due date, May 13th and this made me CRAZY and INSANE.  Remember how I told you that I love my doctor?  You want to know why?   Because he agreed to schedule Nia for a C-section the day before he was leaving town.   Isn't that sweet?  It gets better.  Knowing that she WOULD be born on May 2nd, I decided to get up at 4 a.m. that morning and do a 20 minute workout on the elliptical machine ..... .just because ...... LOL!  And so I did!   By noon that day, my lovely 7lb 6 oz angel came into the world, healthy as ever!  

With both pregnancies, DAILY EXERCISE, I only gained 32 VERY HEALTHY pounds with each child.  Yes, the same weight gain with both, though I looked slightly different each time.   The advantage of having Nia in May allowed for me to get outside and start running again about 3 weeks after having her!!  I worked out just about everyday for 12 weeks on maternity leave.   Woohoo!  By the time I returned to work in September, I was back down to size... AND FIT!

I feel very blessed to have been able to work out and stay fit and healthy during both pregnancies.   Gaining 32 lbs with each of them was FANTASTIC!!!  It was not cookies, ice cream and cake gain, but just real, natural, healthy MATERNAL weight gain.   I feel more blessed that I brought two amazingly healthy children into the world.  My original pediatrician pointed this out to me one day when he told me that I was indeed very lucky and very blessed since this does not happen with all pregnancies.   I will never forget what he said.  I still feel lucky and blessed!! THANK YOU GOD!

No, my pregnancy was not some fairytale blissful happening.  I did stress, cry, scream, etc., like all normal pregnant women.  I remember losing my mind a few times with both.  I remember hating the "smell" of a BANANA and wanting to beat my husband at the time with the bananas that he would love to eat despite my telling him not to!!! LOL!   I remember the very bad toothache I had when I was pregnant with Nia, which afflicted me for about 4 months up until the morning of her birth!!  I remember crying about clothes and what to wear!!  I remember the WORSE, WORSE, WORSE heartburn!!!  I remember the GAZILLION trips to the bathroom every night!  I remember going to work wanting to sleep at my desk!

There are many more memories, but the one that stands out for me is that I stayed true to my "BELLY BUMP" and took good care of me in an effort to hopefully bring 2 healthy children into the world!!!  And then I knew it was one less thing I had to worry about -- the weight, thereafter!!!

There are so many great workouts today for pregnant women, and I urge any woman who is pregnant or considering getting pregnant, to choose to be active and healthy BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER !!!

You will thank yourself for years to come!!!


rmora1031 said...

I remember how cute you looked pregnant both times. With Miles, I enjoyed helping you to your car in the evening when you were in your latter months and sometimes felt slight dizzy. Bringing you good food/breakfast in the AM! hehe! :)

I wish I would have followed your regimen back when I was pregnant. That was my one regret, but thankfully I still had a very healthy 10lb 2oz baby/toddler!? haha. The weight gain of 50lbs did not leave for another 5 YEARS though!!! INSANE and DEPRESSING! Thanks to you, that is when I bounced back to my bod! Woohoo! Thanks for all you do - I hope everyone follows in your belly bump steps. :)

healthstar said...

Good for you for working out during your pregnancies, Jacki! You are right when you say though that it's so important to embark on a fitness plan BEFORE getting pregnant as well. Thanks for sharing your story =) May it be an inspiration to many moms2B