11 September 2009


I remember 8 years ago today, I was at work sitting at my desk in Manhattan at Eleven Madison Avenue. I was about a month or so pregnant with Nia. No one knew I was pregnant because it was too early to share that with anyone. I wore a blue tunic sweater and a pair of olive green pants to work that day. I will never forget that outfit.

I remember feeling so scared. We had TVs hanging all over the trading floor, so we watched the morning unfold bit by bit. I remember I kept trying to call my mother and the circuits were all tied up obviously because everyone was trying to call someone.

I had driven to work and my car was parked 2 blocks away. At first we were on lock down in the building and then a few hours later they decided to let us go. So many people were walking home to various boroughs, walks that would take hours on end. I remember feeling so scared. The city looked like a war zone. The smoke. The military. I remember feeling so tense and unable to move. Shaking in disbelief, tears just falling like crazy. I had to gather up myself, get some courage, and leave, go get my car, pick up my sister and a couple friends because they had no way to get home unless they walked. It just seemed like the scariest day... not knowing if more was going to happen. I remember shaking as I drove my car.

I remained very scared for many months, years after that. Many, many nightmares. Many sorrows for everyone who lost someone that day. I try my best not to live in fear today, but TODAY, you can't help but remember.

Life is precious.

My heart goes out to all who lost someone on 9/11. My prayers are with you.

Life is precious.

Share your love each and every day!

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