09 September 2009

The proof is in the pudding

Here is my personal Trainer: Tony Horton. I paid him one time almost 3 yrs ago, and he keeps coming back and working out with me everyday! He has taught me so much! Thank you Tony! Thank you for only charging me ONE time for a lifetime of workouts! http://www.beachbodycoach.

The proof is in the pudding means:

The true value or quality of something can
only be judged when it's put to use or tried and tested.

Which also means:

"Results are what count...it's not how you start, but how you finish."

Day 17 of the 2nd round of P90X for me, and the 1st round for some in the group, and perhaps a 3rd round for others! (Applause! Cheer! High Fives!! -- LOUDER !!!!! )

Let's first consider that I have NOT slept well in the past couple nights. But, it does not matter, my commitment to ME surpasses any nonsense that my thoughts may try to do to sabotage getting my workout in... You know what we do, "oh, I can't possibly workout today, I am tired." Don't sabotage yourself. You have an inner strength .. an inner will to do what you know you SHOULD do.

This time around for me, I am lifting heavier weight, trying to perfect a better Ab Ripper performance, and become more adept at Yoga! I do not have some crazy long list of things that I want to achieve, and do you know why?

Because while you concentrate on a few things (which is best for the mind to handle instead of overloading it with high expectations of too many things), other things automatically improve without you realizing it!

I just read someone comment to a new P90Xer, "Oh, you got roped into that!" Sorry to hear that people enjoy being critical of other people's desire to seek health and fitness.

There is no roping in. There's no denying that P90X is beyond a sensible fitness, health and nutrition program. You can't even begin to realize the heights that it will take you to unless you DO IT YOURSELF. Follow the recipe....

The proof is in the pudding!

I am only doing 1 workout a day (about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs depending on the day), and when I can, I add in some extra cardio, like a run, or the treadmill. Now that school is back in session, I am not sure how many 2nd workouts I will be able to add.

Today, as I FACTUALLY lifted heavier weight from last week and felt strong and capable while doing it, I was surprised, and content. I am writing everything down, reps, weight, and so I easily can see the proof. Increasing weight will increase toning, will increase strength, will increase fat burning, will increase ANTI-AGING..... will increase GREAT ATTITUDE.....

Right about now, I am not so concerned with anything other than seeing my PROGRESS week over week. After this week, 10 more to go!

It's only week 3 and many things have improved ALREADY!!!!

The proof is in the pudding!

I was reading a great book last night, "Soul Beginnings." Imagine, I got it for free at the bookstore in my town a couple months ago because I had spent $25.00 or something, and they considered it to be a "discontinued.... who cares about it" kind of book. Well this book is wonderful!

Here is a very short summarization of one of the passages:

"Self-care can ensure that we move forward and not be devastated.....carving out time to sow and invest in ...you. It's not about putting on a mask. It's about nurturing the body. Taking care of yourself is crucial when you are going through ... any kind of times." The author talks about lots of things (since her life was turned upside down, and she turned it rightside up thereafter) how we must EXERCISE for HEALING.

When you take care of yourself, you feel empowered, you feel well, you feel healthy, you feel strong..... which all lead to a healthier, strengthened attitude!

Back to the definition of the "proof in the pudding," it says, it's not how you start but how you finish. That is so important to remember. So many people get down on themselves (or refuse to even try) because they feel like there is no possibility for an improvement or a change.

That is farthest from the truth. Improvements ... change... can happen for anyone. Just invest a little time, everyday, tell yourself you deserve it, and over time (short time, medium time, long time), you will see the results!!! Make this investment in YOU, a lifetime investment so when you look over the months and years that pass by, you can continously say to yourself, "you know what, I am glad I take good care of myself. I feel good." With that lovely attitude, you are more apt to love and give with ALL your might!

For my team:

"Let's continue to cook our pudding, slowly, effectively, with LOVE and PURPOSE!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jacquie,
I am posting this anonymously.
I am a longtime psychologist (phd) and also help
other realize their goals of building a business.

My choice of profession was considered very unconventional to my very traditional Italian family.
I struggled in my early years to get my practice off the ground while raising a family. I also worked in corporate America to maintain income and benefits for my family until my business was gaining a steady source of income.
I can tell you – parents of adult children and siblings can be reticent about helping grown children and this is where the “soft, unwaveringly kind but persistent” approach comes in. I needed the assistance of my very skeptical mother because my wife and I could not afford childcare. My very reluctant mother had raised few kids and had grown very fond of her new leisurely schedule. I had to take on a very gentle but frequent approach to winning her over. I showed up with the kids almost every Sunday with some gesture of help/chore or gift or dish in two. I had to endure some rather long monologues about my choice of career and concern over financial stability – but after weeks of prolonged focus on accomplishing this goal – the challenge was achieved. This was no small feat.

In some ways, It is normal for families to not share our passion. Emphasis on some ways. If someone is not
living our existence – it is harder for them to show support. More often families are supportive – if they observed us chipping away slowly, wisely and methodically at our dream - built on a solid foundation.

Achieving that dream – is not always going to happen now – sometimes it might happen overtime. I once spoke to a woman in her 50’s who was an assistant to a CEO. In her office was her mini museum of her many businesses. The smile on her face was very telling – though she toiled in corporate America for decades – her current future holds something very different. She had to keep her corporate job while raising family – and good medical care was critical need for her ailing daughter. All the while – in stolen weekends, holidays – she managed to build three businesses slowly and undeterred.

Right now a huge source of dissention in families is
finances. In varying income levels – some families are asking to take on what can be seen as unreasonable
financial burdens from adult children. Parents coming from more careful, cautious history of finances and who have helped generously in the past – might well be in their rights to refuse to do more. At some point – parents will have to say no to financial help especially if they are not rich. By not doing so – it does not teach adult children to be accountable for their actions. If I want to start a business that my family thinks shows little or not promise – I better have the finances to see it through and not blame my family for not wanting to help further.

G. A., Phd