29 August 2009

Holding it and each other together

It's been so pleasing to see and hear that more and more couples are working together on their wellness. Whether you are a couple, or a group of friends, it always enhances a relationship when all involved encourage and inspire each other to be their very best. The outcome is always a positive one. Participants find themselves hugging one another, smiling smiles bigger than ever imagined and feeling a "oneness" of sheer gratitude that they can uplift one another.

This week, a few of the gals finally managed to get their husbands/boyfriends on board to start working out and they are elated. These husbands were noticing that their wives/girlfriends were staying dedicated and true to their programs and they were loving the results of their consistencies. At first "said" gentlemen had the mindset of "go ahead honey, do your thing," to now having a new attitude, "hey baby, not only do you look great, but your attitude is amazing, maybe I should try that workout too!" (Pssstt.....P90X..or what have you :)!

Some of the men are choosing to workout on their own, without the gals, but that is very ok! What matters is, we are seeing that couples who are on the same page about their health and well-being seem to have an overall "healthier" relationship. There is a new level of respect, and an absolute new level of appreciation for one another. When you can know and say to one another, "I love you and I want us to spend healthy, happy, fulfilling days together," you are allowing your relationship to have a more positive existence.

But there are still those out there who seem to do all they can to hinder the health and well-being of someone else in their lives, and this goes for relationships and/or friendships. It's horrible, the blatant sabotaging that people do in order to prevent their so-called loved ones from ever achieving a life of well-being.

Those folks who frown everytime they see their partner or friend get up daily and workout. They utter stuff under their breath, even as much as wishing they would pull a muscle or something. They criticize them. They curse them. Why?

How about the ones who constantly try to talk their partner or friend out of a workout? They try to entice them with doing "something else," like going out, shopping, eating, a party, drinking. You hear it all the time, "come on, you are in such great shape, I am sure you can miss one workout," or, "please, you only have one life, you should be having fun, not working out." They constantly joke and make light of the person's dedication to their health. They NEVER support and encourage them, but rather they seek endlessly to sway and discourage them. Misery loves company.

Well, if such people are truly your partners or your friends, they would support you and allow you to be true to yourself and remain dedicated to what you have deemed important for your wellness. You ARE doing good for your body and soul and why should anyone try to discourage you?? Consider that deeply.... why does someone who claims to love you try their best to stop you from doing GOOD things for your body, mind and soul?

It's one of the top 5 reasons why people do not stay committed to their programs, because there is someone(s) or something that is constantly getting in the middle of their plans. It's disgusting, and it is much like a crime ... a theft. Stealing one's ambition!

Out of a 24 hour day, any and everyone is allowed to commit 1, 2 or even 3 hours to their well-being. You still have the rest of the time to share it with your partners, loved ones, friends, etc.

If you have a partner or friend who is encouraging and supporting you, be thankful and stick with that support. Take it, run with it, let it take you to where you want to get to, and let it be part of your life's journey forever.

If you have a partner or friend who is constantly trying to talk you out of exercising and eating right, look that person in the face and say (if you feel this way about THEM), "I love you and if you love me, don't try to mess me up!! I need this for me, and I need you to respect that." End of story.

You don't owe the demise of yourself to someone else so that they can feel about good about their lack of desire to care for themselves. This is especially the case if you are already struggling with your own issues and have true serious goals that you are trying to meet and conquer. Your goals are your priority.

In the end, perhaps you will end up encouraging that person(s) to get on board with their wellness, and if you don't, oh, still stay true to you!

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